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What does the future of equal education hold? Well, just a few days ago the G7 partners pledged $3bn to help fund education to over eight million vulnerable girls and women all over the world. We are thrilled that this step has been taken at the G7 Summit towards redressing gender inequality.

  1. G7 Summit commitment to girls’ education
  2. How far $3bn investment can go
  3. Why the well-being of girls must not fall by the wayside
  4. What African Impact are doing for girls’ education
  5. How you can further help girls’ education in Africa

Many girls around the world struggle against oppressive systems with great courage, and they inspire us every day. The G7 Summit responded to these situations of hardship with their $3bn pledge. Malala Yousafzai, who was attacked by the Taliban in Pakistan for her advocacy of female education, welcomed these funds when she released a statement saying, “A year ago I asked Prime Minister Trudeau and Canada to make a commitment to girls’ education at their G7 Summit. Today they delivered”. We can’t help but agree with Malala and look forward to the cooperation between local heroes and international helpers in achieving girls’ education.

Here at African Impact, we really want to see this money invested well. We hope it will be used to support sustainable and effective initiatives. After all, it is estimated that $3bn could build over 1,000 new schools.

“$3bn could build over 1,000 new schools”

While many families on the African continent go about their everyday lives – sharing meals, going to work, swapping stories – they face the trials that living in a challenging region can bring. Many times, the ambitions and well-being of girls fall by the wayside, which is why we partner with local communities to serve the future activists, doctors, politicians, engineers, artists, mothers, or farmers that these girls are.

“Help drive education for girls in Africa”

Girl Impact, our gender equality initiative, combats the often unfair circumstances girls find themselves in. This includes situations where they do not receive adequate education because of their gender. Our girls’ education initiative encompasses the following six pillars.

  • We believe that girls’ Education is just as important as boys’ education
  • We provide girls with the resources and tools to accomplish Income Generation.
  • We facilitate safe spaces to produce Self-confidence in both girls and boys.
  • We teach girls and boys about their bodies and resources in their communities to foster better Health.
  • We provide educational support surrounding Early Pregnancy and consent.
  • We promote the Safety of the children in our program by strictly enforcing our child protection policy.

Our female empowerment initiatives require a range of people and skills to make magic happen. You could be one of these people! These gender equality projects operate in Livingstone, ZambiaCape Town, South Africa; and Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. If you are passionate about gender equality, and interested in travelling to Africa, you can partner with us and these communities as a volunteer or intern to empower girls!

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