Welcome to our Alumni Network

You’ve stepped off the plane, arriving home after many weeks of early mornings, jam-packed days and nights spent around the campfire. Reality kicks in and while it’s incredible to see your family and your friends from home, it’s hard to imagine not waking up next to your fellow volunteers and experiencing all that the amazing continent of Africa has given you. But, you’re not the only one. You’re not the only one feeling transformed.

It’s why we created an alumni network – for you to keep in touch with the African Impact family and connect to a community of like-minded people from around the globe who understand the power of good volunteering.


keen to come back?

It is said that once you have visited Africa, it will always hold a special place in your heart…

We would love you to visit us again! As an African Impact Alumni member, if you would like to return to Africa and volunteer at one of African Impact’s projects again, you automatically get 10% off the project fee.

Get in touch with us and to find out which volunteer projects qualify for the discount

The African Impact Alumni Squad

Welcome to African Impact’s alumni squad. Duties include: taking over the world. We’re joking (kind-of), we just want to hear from you and find out what you took away from this extraordinary experience. Has it changed your perspective? What did you learn?

Now you know how it works and what good YOU can do for communities and wildlife here in Africa, maybe we can convince you to come back with our Ambassador Network? If it doesn’t sway you (it’s hard to believe it wouldn’t – check out those rewards), find out about other ways you can keep in touch with us and continue spreading positivity.



Our ambassador Program

We are currently redesigning our Ambassador Programme. Sign up to receive an update on how it works once its live!


Social Media Kings & Queens

With over 70 projects, it’s tough to share all of the updates on our official Facebook page. So, find your particular project’s Facebook page to keep up to date with what’s happened since you’ve left. Why not also join our Alumni Group on Facebook to keep in touch with others from around the 


Charity Champion

Did you know that we have our very own charity? The African Impact Foundation is responsible for fundraising and ensuring donations get exactly where they need to be.  Find out more about our Foundation and how you can continue supporting your project from home.

The African Impact Shop

Display your affiliation to African Impact with pride by wearing your own African Impact merchandise!

If you didn’t get a chance to purchase a cool bit of African Impact branding on the project, or you want your official African Impact alumni hoodie (YES, they exist!), here’s your chance.