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Want to Create Impact in the Community?

Do you see yourself making a change in the lives of young girls and women that come from vulnerable backgrounds? Take the next step and contribute to gender equality in Africa by joining our inspiring women’s empowerment volunteer projects. Our female empowerment projects teach girls and women about useful tools that can help reduce the prevailing gender gap. Driven by a multifaceted approach that focuses on education, safety, self-confidence, and income generation, African Impact gender equality volunteers develop and run workshops in the local community and use their skills and knowledge to mentor girls and women. Our women’s empowerment volunteer programs are a rewarding way to play a part in the ongoing mission of reducing gender inequality.

Women’s Empowerment Volunteer Program Highlights

  • Educate — Support women’s empowerment in Africa by participating in a range of workshops and events.

  • Social Awareness — Be part of an ongoing initiative fighting gender inequality in Africa by making communities more aware of gender issues.

  • Culture Immersion — Enjoy living and volunteering in a welcoming community, and immerse yourself in African culture.

  • Close-knit Community — Become part of the African Impact family and enjoy 24/7 support by our team on the ground.

  • Natural Beauty — Explore the beauty of nature in Africa, with endless views of both the popular tourist spots as well as unique hidden gems.

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Join one of our women’s empowerment volunteer programs and you’ll contribute to the Girl Impact Initiative — which was set up to support and educate young girls to help them make better-informed decisions as they move towards womanhood. Our volunteer programs allow you to not only assist with educational workshops and encourage income-generating activities, you will also have the chance to engage with young girls from across Africa and discuss female empowerment concepts and gender issues. Through young women’s empowerment projects you can teach girls the importance of safety, avoiding early pregnancy, making a living, and self-confidence, all in the effort to add value to their lives.

Livingstone, Zambia
Specific Start Dates
Impact: Gender Equality
Through our initiative in Livingstone, Zambia, The Girl Impact, you’ll support, educate, and encourage adolescent girls as they become empowered young women in their community.

From $1075 per week

Gender Equality Volunteer Work FAQs


To put it simply, societies that value all genders, equally, are safer and healthier. Not to mention, research has made it evident just how important education is for women globally, since they are typically the most vulnerable members of society. Women who are able to access a quality education are more likely to be presented with choice, opportunity, and prosperity. Social awareness about gender inequality can create a significant difference in the lives of young girls and women across Africa, helping them realize their potential and inspiring them to achieve their dreams.

There are a variety of volunteering roles within the realm of gender equality, including financial empowerment, sports coaching, and teaching. The role of the volunteer in our programs is to bridge the gender-based gap, helping both girls and boys find their own voice, uplifting them, and empowering them to make more informed choices. The fundamental core of discrimination or violence based upon someone’s gender is brought to the forefront during gender equality volunteer work.

Depending on the community’s needs, your daily tasks will include facilitating educational workshop sessions for separate boys’ and girls’ groups, teaching young children the importance of nutrition, and breaking down gender-stereotypes with female-led extracurricular sports classes that encourage good-balanced health and wellbeing. The scope of opportunity that is available to you, to support female empowerment with African Impact, is unlimited!

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