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For over 16 years, African Impact has been operating volunteer projects, internships, and study abroad programs in 10 countries across Africa. We develop volunteer projects, internships, and study abroad programs hand in hand with local communities to ensure the work we do meets the needs of the communities and contributes to long term, sustainable change. We work in collaboration with local NGOs, schools, hospitals, clinics, women’s groups, and organizations across the continent and offer support through volunteer assistance and, in some cases, donations and fundraising from our charity organization, the African Impact Foundation.

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Current Job Opportunities

Wildlife Photography Manager, Greater Kruger

Greater Kruger Area, South Africa

Full-Time Position

African Impact is a leading organization in wildlife conservation, dedicated to making a lasting impact on the African continent. We are seeking a talented and passionate Photography Manager to join our team at the Big 5 Conservation Project. This is a unique opportunity to combine your love for photography with conservation efforts and make a real difference. Job Description: As the Photography Manager, you will play a crucial role in capturing and sharing the beauty and importance of wildlife conservation through photography and videography. Your responsibilities will include project planning, creative project development, team coordination, volunteer guidance, marketing support, talent scouting, database management, and more. Key Responsibilities: Project Planning: Collaborate with coordinators to understand project requirements, objectives, and timelines for both photography and video projects. Ensure proper resource allocation and utilization. Project Creation: Propose and develop new photography and video projects, especially during off-seasons, to maintain creative output consistency. Project Updates: Regularly update and propose new photography and video projects to keep content fresh and engaging. Team Coordination: Assign tasks, monitor progress, and provide guidance to team members. Conduct weekly photography team meetings. Occasionally assist coordinators when needed. Marketing: Provide the marketing team with monthly photography and video materials, including top images of the month, conservation photos, and marketing shots. Volunteer Relationship: Maintain strong relationships with volunteers, address feedback promptly, and provide effective solutions and support to project-related concerns Talent Scouting: Identify and evaluate new photographers or assistants, review their skills and portfolios, and provide relevant information to base and project managers. Interns: Guide and assist interns with their photography projects and portfolios. Conduct workshops, provide project updates, and offer private critiques to help them develop their skills. Database and Copyright: Organize and back up the photography database. Respect and acknowledge creators before using their images for purposes outside of marketing. Release Forms and Legal Binding: Ensure all participants have signed required release forms and keep track of compliance. Future Volunteers: Respond to inquiries from potential future volunteers, providing information about equipment and the program. Assist interns in their transition into the program. Ex-Volunteers: Address questions or issues ex-volunteers may have related to wildlife photography. Provide necessary paperwork, such as recommendations, as needed. Foundation Projects: Collaborate to raise funds for bringing underprivileged woman to the project, creating opportunities for women in the field. Instagram Account: Ensure that all content on the Instagram account aligns with brand guidelines and is produced professionally.