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Want to Take Action Against Climate Change?

Environmental volunteering with African Impact is an exciting opportunity to get on the front lines of protecting the environment. Learn about environmental sustainability through volunteering, and have an incredible travel experience, all at the same time. Our volunteers become part of a cause that empowers local communities to find long-term solutions to environmental issues, which ultimately increases levels of employment in the country, supports funding for education, and fosters excitement about environmental sustainability, among many other benefits. Our environmental volunteer programs will allow you to use your skills and knowledge in a rewarding way!

Environmental Volunteering in Africa Highlights

  • Combat Climate Change — Volunteer to fight climate change, and learn about environmental work on a grassroots level in Africa.
  • Indigenous Landscapes — Live and work in a stunning part of Africa, the birthplace of unique flora, fauna, geomorphology and local culture.
  • Uplift Communities — Contribute to environmental education at nearby primary and secondary schools in the local communities.
  • The Africa Experts — Be part of a team of dedicated environmentalists and like-minded volunteers from around the world.
  • Unwind — Enjoy and explore amazing African travel experiences in your free time.

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If you’re passionate about climate action, and you’d like to get your hands dirty for the cause, join one of our environmental volunteer programs in Africa! There’s a range of opportunities to choose from; you can promote and implement eco-bricking in the local community, plant trees as part of a reforestation initiative, or spread environmental awareness through environmental education workshops. Either way, you’ll be promoting environmental sustainability on a grassroots level with practical volunteer work that benefits the environment, promotes healthy ecosystems and fights climate change.

Limuru, Kenya
Every Monday
Impact: Environmental Sustainability
Join African Impact and volunteer on a reforestation project in Kenya! Support the conservation of indigenous forests and other sustainability practices.

From $1075 / £660 per week

Livingstone, Zambia
Every Monday
Impact: Environmental Sustainability
Join African Impact and volunteer on a plastic waste reduction project in Zambia! Help support the fight against plastic pollution in local communities.

From $1075 / £660 per week

Environmental Sustainability Volunteering FAQs

Why Volunteer in Environmental Sustainability With African Impact

Any “save the planet” volunteer work is a complex area of sustainability in Africa, and extends far beyond any individual person or action. At African Impact, we believe volunteering requires deep community involvement to make genuinely sustainable impacts. Our environmental volunteer opportunities teach volunteers how to work with local communities to combat some of the most severe environmental issues of Africa. You’ll work with communities to implement innovative methods to prevent excess waste from entering communities, reduce waste in communities, and find solutions to reusing and managing waste. This volunteer work is precious in the fight against global warming and climate change! If you are looking for a volunteer adventure that takes climate action, our programs are a life-changing opportunity to do so.

Environmental sustainability is a universal concept that looks at the responsibility to conserve and preserve the Earth’s natural resources. The main goal is to protect global and indigenous ecosystems, whilst nurturing both the health and wellness of human life, now and in the future.

The act of volunteering to save the planet is a complex issue. And unfortunately, our inconsiderate actions, such as pollution, deforestation, and over consumption are responsible for leaving the environment with lasting and damaging affects. This is why it has become a critical situation, and more people should be educated about the importance of environmental awareness. We can combat this challenge through raising awareness, such as teaching one another about how we can apply sustainable practices between consumerist human culture and the living world. We can achieve this version of co-existence by adapting our lifestyles in a way that doesn’t waste or unnecessarily deplete natural resources.

At African Impact, we believe environmental volunteering requires deep community involvement to make a sustainable positive impact. In our environmental sustainability programs, volunteers work with local communities to combat the global issue of plastic pollution and environmental waste, which opens up opportunities for environmental conservation. Despite the concerning statistics, there are many reasons to be hopeful for the future of environmental sustainability.

Africa is a world leader in banning plastics; in fact, many African countries have led the movement to ban single-use plastic products nationally. Through impressive innovations and environmental creativity, there are many exciting possibilities to reduce waste in local communities. Volunteering for the environment is an incredible way to get involved in this inspiring movement!

While volunteering with African Impact, you’ll get involved in community cleanups that combat waste reduction, engage in awareness workshops with local communities to discuss the impacts of waste, and develop income-generating opportunities for local communities to reuse plastic and turn it into profitable products. Innovations such as EcoBricks – packing plastic bottles with clean plastic garbage to create dense bricks for building – create opportunities for locals to get involved in sustainable solutions for reducing waste. Working with locals is a unique opportunity to get creative and discover new ways to reduce, reuse and recycle!
Become a volunteer on one of our environmental sustainability programs and you’ll work alongside local communities to make a difference in the fight for the environment. We offer volunteer programs that focus on prevention, practical action, and creative innovation in environmental stewardship. Joining a volunteer program in Africa is the ultimate adventure for anyone looking to make an impact on our planet!
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