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Volunteer opportunities with housing are a brilliant choice as it removes the struggle of finding your own accommodation. However, when you volunteer with housing provided it is difficult to know what to expect, volunteer accommodation is most likely different to anything you have stayed in before. We also have differing accommodations across our program destinations, which could impact your destination choice! If you want to get more information about each of our accommodation options to make your decision a little easier, read on for all the details.

Volunteer Accommodation in Livingstone Zambia

4 Basic Tips to Prepare for Volunteer Accommodation Provided

Here are a few basic things to keep in mind as you set your expectations for the volunteer accommodation provided on all our African Impact programs:

  • It’s not a hotel! Remember this is not a luxury holiday, you are there to give back, explore your location, and meet some amazing people.
  • You will be sharing rooms and space. We do have some upgrade options available, but most of our accommodation is shared rooms and shared living areas. This is all part of the experience though!
  • Expect living conditions different to what you are used to. Although all our volunteer accommodations provided are clean and comfortable, due to their location there will be some differences to what you are used to. In some locations, the tap water is not drinkable, for example. Also, there is load shedding in South Africa and Zanzibar, which means there could be power cuts lasting for up to 12 hours.
  • Be ready for a busy, social stay! Although we understand that some downtime is necessary, what is so great about African Impact accommodations is that you are constantly surrounded by your fellow volunteers and there is always something to do.

Types of Volunteer Accommodation on Our Projects

Your accommodation can sometimes make or break your experience, depending on the expectations you have. Here’s a rundown of our accommodation options across our projects in each African destination:

Game Reserve

Some of our projects have volunteer accommodation provided in game reserves. A game reserve is a large area of land which is set aside as a protected area for wild animals. If your project offers accommodation on a game reserve, that means you will be living in the heart of the wilderness surrounded by wildlife and beautiful scenery.

Volunteer Project Destinations with Game Reserve Accommodation

  • Kruger, South Africa – On our Kruger projects, volunteers stay at the Olifants River Camp in the heart of the African wilderness. It is a traditional bush lodge set in a big 5 reserve. The volunteer accommodation provided has all the facilities and furnishings you need for a comfortable and authentic stay in Africa.
  • Maasai Mara, Kenya – The volunteer accommodation for our Maasai Mara project is situated at the Wildlife Tourism College. It is in the heart of the wilderness against the backdrop of the Pardamat Hills making for a truly picturesque setting.

Shared House

The majority of our volunteer accommodations are shared houses, where volunteers share a room, cooking facilities, and living spaces alongside fellow volunteers. These shared houses tend to be more centrally located with many shops and facilities a short walk away. Our shared houses are super sociable and fun, which means you will never be short of someone to hang out with or something to do!

Volunteer Project Destinations with Shared House Accommodation

  • Livingstone, Zambia – You will be staying in Victoria Falls Backpackers. This is a private house with all the facilities you could need, including a dining area, bar, swimming pool, and rock climbing wall!
  • Zanzibar – The volunteer housing provided is Cholo’s Banda. It is located In the south of Jambiani and is a short walk away from the beach! It is a gated and secure accommodation with a pool and its very own chef who will cook you three meals a day!
  • Cape Town, South Africa – In Cape Town, you will be staying in the Lenox Guesthouse. It is located in central Cape Town, and shops, bars, and restaurants are only a short walk away! It has a garden, spacious dining hall, and balconies overlooking the city!
  • Limuru, Kenya – You will be staying in the cottage on the grounds of Brackenhurst. A lovely, secure, green and scenic place. It is around a 1-hour drive from Nairobi and the Great Rift Valley.
  • Benguerra Island, Mozambique – The volunteer housing provided is a research station built by local residents using materials from the island. It has been designed to carefully blend in with the surrounding environment to cause minimum impact.
  • Tofo, Mozambique – You will stay in the Volunteer House which is only a few steps away from the beach. The volunteer house has incredible views over the whole bay!
  • Zimbabwe – You will be comfortably accommodated in the volunteer house with shared rooms, bathrooms, and living areas.

Why Does Volunteer Housing Matter?

Your volunteer accommodation will greatly impact your experience as it is where you will be sleeping, eating, and living, when you are not out volunteering or exploring. It is important to take into consideration what your priorities are for volunteer accommodation.

Would you prefer to be in the wilderness, or is a comfortable homely accommodation important for you? Do your research and consider that it is important that you are returning to an environment you feel comfortable in after a long day of volunteering!

Commonly Asked Volunteer Accommodation FAQs

Volunteer Accommodation in Zanzibar

Are Meals Included?

Volunteer meals are provided three times a day, and are simple and healthy, in all our project locations. Some of our projects will arrange themed evenings where volunteers are encouraged to get involved in some of the cooking (for example a cultural evening, Hawaiian night, etc).

Do I get to choose my accommodation?

In a sense, you do; depending on the project you choose you will be assigned the project-specific African Impact accommodation which is all detailed on each project page.

Are all the rooms shared?

We do have some private rooms in certain accommodations. You will need to enquire with the destination specialist for these.

Are the accommodations safe and secure?

Yes, all of the volunteer accommodations provided are safe and secure. Only volunteers and staff can get in and out and you will have a safe for any of your valuables.

What if I have a dietary requirement?

If you let us know before you head out we can accommodate your dietary requirements as best we can.
Volunteer Accommodation in Zanzibar

Still Have Questions About the Volunteer Accommodation Provided?

The best place to start is our project pages. There is a wealth of information on each one to help answer any questions you may have. You can also go to our Instagram to see more photos of the different accommodations! If you still can’t find the answer, don’t hesitate to contact us and one of our friendly team members will be happy to answer any questions you may have, however big or small!

Volunteer opportunities that provide housing are a great place to start, especially for first time volunteers. We hope this article helped guide you towards your preferred volunteer accommodation and we encourage you to check out our broad range of volunteer projects available!



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