We are only ever as strong as our teams and our partners, so being closely aligned with non-profits means we’re always monitoring and evaluating the positive impacts we’re making through volunteering. African Impact was integral in the establishment of The African Impact Foundation in 2008, which was established with the aim to increase our positive impact in rural communities.

The African Impact Foundation

Our Foundation (previously known as the Happy Africa Foundation) helps to independently monitor our projects and provides tools and expertise that help to ensure our sustainability, as well as ensure that donations given by our volunteers are managed responsibly. The African Impact Foundation has also been instrumental in guiding us through the creation of our Child Protection Policy and maintenance of the protocols around it.

Through our close partnership with them, The African Impact Foundation has grown into an organization that has funded numerous initiatives and programs in the communities where African Impact volunteer projects are based. The charity is proud to have financed the building of clinics, crèches and school classrooms, provided communities with education and skills training, and helped beneficiaries improve their wellbeing and quality of life through improved nutrition and the provision of much-needed health equipment.



Our mission is to equip young people with education and skills to move out of poverty.

Getting an education is a challenge for many children in Southern and Eastern Africa. Try maintaining high attendance and good marks when you’re one of 80 children in a crowded classroom, your empty stomach grumbles as you try to concentrate, and you have no space at home to study. We improve access to education by sponsoring school fees, enhancing school facilities, and providing after-school study spaces.

Adolescence is a time of physical and mental wellness vulnerabilities. With little support available, it can be an overwhelming time – bodily changes happen, risky practices can result in life-changing consequences, and negative peer pressure becomes difficult to navigate.  By providing support and safe spaces for youth to focus on their wellbeing, we hope to set them up for healthy and opportunity-filled futures.

Even for the most ambitious young person, securing a livelihood when you’re surrounded by poverty is almost impossible. Without the opportunity to further your education, learn skills or gain entrepreneurship experience, there are little to no options for employment. The hope to make an income is lost and poverty persists. By connecting young people to further learning opportunities, we provide pathways to sustainable futures.

For girls and young women, these challenges are made worse by widespread gender inequality. By empowering young women to be confident, they become leaders that are capable of moving entire communities out of the cycle of poverty.


Each community has its own challenges and opportunities for pathways out of poverty. With our local teams, community committees and expert advisors, we design programs to overcome the hurdles for young people locally.

Support a pathway out of poverty

Together we can set young people up for healthy and opportunity-filled futures.