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young students writing on a paper

23 February 2024

Childcare volunteering can be immensely rewarding, not just for you, the volunteer, but also for the children and communities that you are there to help. Now, more than ever,…
Volunteer Accommodation on a Game Reserve

2 February 2024

Volunteer opportunities with housing are a brilliant choice as it removes the struggle of finding your own accommodation. However, when you volunteer with housing provided it is difficult to…
a group of dolphins' dorsal fins showing while they swim under the sea

19 January 2024

What Makes Volunteering with Dolphins So Enticing? For many, swimming with Dolphins is a top bucket list activity. Many have an affectionate relationship with these mammals due to their…

Popular Projects

Greater Kruger Area, South Africa
Specific Start Dates
Impact: Wildlife Conservation
Join African Impact and volunteer on a wildlife conservation project in South Africa! Protect the African big 5 from threats such as poaching and habitat loss.

$3,555 – $8,555

Specific Start Dates
Impact: Marine Conservation
Live the tropical island dream whilst helping conduct dolphin research and carrying out coral reef surveys – a chance to make a lasting impact on the survival of a fragile

$2,970 – $7,200

Livingstone, Zambia
Specific Start Dates
Impact: Teaching
One of African Impact’s first ever volunteer projects which we began in 2006 was our teaching volunteer program in Livingstone, Zambia.

$1,955 – $5,150

Specific Start Dates
Impact: Teaching
Live the tropical island dream while teaching children at local schools, teaching adult English classes, and use your skills to contribute to community development in Zanzibar.

$2,420 – $5,615

Cape Town, South Africa
Specific Start Dates
Impact: Childcare
As a volunteer on our Early Childhood Development project, you will work in Cape Town’s townships, educating and caring for children.

$1,955 – $5,150

Livingstone, Zambia
Specific Start Dates
Impact: Sports Development
Put your passion for sports, fitness, wellness, and nutrition to great use as you educate and train school students in the villages of Livingstone, Zambia.

$1,995 – $5,150

Volunteer playing hopscotch with young kids.

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