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Want to Teach in Africa?

If you share our passion for education, then our volunteer teaching programs in Africa offer an excellent opportunity for you to combine rewarding work with an adventurous travel experience. Over the years, African Impact has partnered with various foster care homes and pre-schools in Africa that care for children from 6 months to 7 years old to provide support through childcare volunteer work. Our teaching volunteers have worked with local school teachers in the community, assisting them in facilitating everything from entry-level classes with young children to special activities for adult pupils. Beyond merely benefitting these communities on a short-term basis, your role as a teaching volunteer will create real and measurable change at the heart of what we do at African Impact, and that is to maintain sustainable development.

Volunteer Teaching Highlights

  • Enhance Accessibility — Help offer quality education to children at pre-schools or primary level in under-resourced African communities.
  • Positive Connections — Create a safe and positive learning environment for children who live in low income communities.
  • Personalized Attention — Give children the one-on-one attention they otherwise wouldn’t get as a volunteer teacher.
  • Spark Creativity — Activate the minds and imaginations of kids through games, crafts, or sports.
  • Cultural Discovery — Immerse yourself in the local culture through teaching and childcare volunteer work in townships.

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Venture to Africa to make an impact through education. When you volunteer with kids, you might find yourself as a teacher assistant at a rural primary school, a facilitator during adult literacy classes, or you could be part of an ongoing early childhood development program. With a specific emphasis on helping young children prepare for their next step, primary school, alongside helping adults through literacy classes, you’ll spend your days at day care centers, pre-schools, and foster care homes in under-served communities. Our childcare and teaching volunteers provide stimulating, educational programs for young kids and adults from troubled backgrounds. No matter what, volunteering as a teacher in Africa will contribute to sustainable education initiatives that uplift young children, adolescents and adults.

Cape Town, South Africa
Every second Monday
Impact: Childcare
As a volunteer on our Early Childhood Development project, you will work in Cape Town’s townships, educating and caring for children.

From $900 / £660 per week

Cape Town, South Africa
Every second Monday
Impact: Sports Development
Join African Impact and volunteer on a sports coaching project in Cape Town! Assist sports coaches in teaching physical education sessions at schools.

From $900 / £660 per week

Livingstone, Zambia
Every Monday
Impact: Teaching
One of African Impact’s first ever volunteer projects which we began in 2006 was our teaching volunteer program in Livingstone, Zambia.

From $1075 / £660 per week

Every second Monday
Impact: Teaching
Live the tropical island dream while teaching children at local schools, teaching adult English classes, and use your skills to contribute to community development in Zanzibar.

From $1075 / £765 per week

Livingstone, Zambia
Every Monday in June - August
Impact: Sports Development
Put your passion for sports, fitness, wellness, and nutrition to great use as you educate and train school students in the villages of Livingstone, Zambia.

From $1075 / £660 per week

Teaching & Childcare Volunteering FAQs

Why Volunteer in Teaching and Childcare in Africa?

The most powerful and sustainable way to support positive community development is through education. By working in communities struggling with developmental issues, our volunteer projects contribute directly to the immediate needs of those who are less privileged, leaving tangible, long-term and positive impacts. Your role in this life-changing opportunity helps other people to realize their abilities. This changed perspective empowers communities to combat the issues they face sustainably, whilst pursuing developmental opportunities in their own lives.

Read more about the positive benefits of volunteering in Africa with us!

Yes! Any big life decision can seem daunting at first, especially the idea of traveling to a whole new country for the first time. But, with the right amount of risk (something that is always unavoidable), combined with a huge amount of reward, this is an opportunity not to be missed! Our teaching and childcare volunteering projects follow a rigorously strict safety protocol, which you can learn more about before making the decision to plan your adventure(s).

Feel free to contact us directly, and we’d be happy to answer any inquiries you may have too!

Unfortunately, not everyone has access to sufficient educational opportunities, and this affects children in poverty-stricken areas the most. As of 2018, more than 258 million children worldwide, aged 6-17, were out of school. The majority of these youth live in Sub-Saharan Africa, where 60% of adolescents are no longer in school by age 15-17. A lack of resources, teachers, and proper learning environments in Africa makes sustainable educational practices and opportunities extremely challenging.

Absolutely! We believe that volunteer teaching is a life-changing experience for both communities and volunteers. In turn, we want this experience to be accessible to all and allow everyone the opportunity to experience the incredible benefits that teaching abroad offers. For our teacher volunteer programs in Africa, we do not require volunteers to have any previous education or teaching experience to join.

Absolutely! If you are passionate about making an impact whilst creating life-changing experiences for vulnerable youth, then our childcare volunteer opportunities are undoubtedly for you! Working with children from underprivileged backgrounds, volunteers can support the positive development of kids in powerful ways. However, the benefits of volunteering go far beyond project work. Immersed in a local African community throughout your placement, you’ll have opportunities to live with locals, where life-changing cultural exchanges occur.

Yes! Our volunteer programs begin with an initial phase of training, alongside fellow volunteers, that will prepare you for your childcare community placement. Depending on your program, you’ll learn important information about teaching English, proper student interactions, exciting knowledge about your destination, cultural sensitivities, as well as an intensive overview of our Child Protection Policy. This training program is an excellent opportunity for volunteers worldwide to connect before starting their project in Africa.

At African Impact, our teacher volunteer programs concentrate on five main areas: supporting local teachers in schools, after school clubs, teaching English literacy in adult classes, community uplift projects, and sustainable development. Each of our volunteer programs blend these focuses in a slightly different way, depending on the community’s needs. As a result, we believe that volunteer teaching opportunities offer a unique variety of ways to make an impact in a local community!

Joining an African Impact program is an incredible place to begin! Our childcare volunteer opportunities are developed with local community members and stakeholders, ensuring every project creates sustainable and measurable impacts that put the community’s goals first. Apply to one of our childcare programs today, or contact us if you need help choosing a program!
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