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What Are the Best Projects for Volunteer Teaching in Africa?

Choosing a teaching project in Africa can be a daunting process. There are so many different teaching opportunities in Africa that it is difficult to know which is best for you. The best volunteer abroad programs teaching will be different for each person, as everyone has different specifications and teaching goals! However, there are certain elements of a volunteer teaching project that will make it more worthwhile and beneficial than others. In this article, I will explore some of the best volunteer teaching abroad programs in Africa, as well as some tips and tricks for volunteer teaching in Africa.
Fancy living the tropical island dream while teaching English to children, women, and young adults, all the while helping to support the local community? Zanzibar relies heavily on the tourism industry. Due to its beauty and white sand beaches, it is a very popular holiday destination. Many people rely on jobs in the tourism sector; however, English is often required, yet the standard of English in Tanzania is very low. You will be playing a vital role in teaching English, which will open up a wealth of job opportunities!
a volunteer teacher teaching adults to write
This project has been running for over 15 years! You will be working alongside local teachers in rural schools, which are all filled with students wanting to learn! This is an amazing opportunity to work on a project that has proven sustainability in the gorgeous location of Victoria Falls.

Work with children from Cape Town’s underprivileged townships, educating children in foster homes and pre-school. You will be working in this gorgeous city while providing an education to children who may not have otherwise had access. You will also work alongside teachers in local schools, helping them to better teach the children under their care.

If these projects don’t seem right for you, you can Check Out More of Our Teaching Volunteer Projects!

5 Tips for Volunteer Teaching in Africa


Learn some Xhosa

Xhosa is a Bantu language of the Niger-Congo family; it is the native language of the Xhosas, who primarily live in the Eastern Cape Province. A few learned phrases will be highly appreciated by the surrounding community and can come in handy when volunteer teaching in Africa. Our project coordinators will definitely continue to teach you some phrases while you are on the project, but it is always useful to come in with some basic knowledge!

Pack Some Extra Resources for the Students

Packing some games and activities is a great idea. It keeps the children engaged and entertained, especially if it is a game they may have never seen before! Any support that you are able to provide would be much valued by students and educators alike, as schools often face significant resource limitations. A pack of cards can be useful for the kids when volunteer teaching and to play back at the volunteer accommodation! Be mindful of what you bring and how it can benefit the students.

A Little Goes a Long Way

The children are very motivated and excited to learn. The limited resources required to effectively engage children have consistently surprised our volunteers in previous instances. As the schools are so under-resourced, one resource or activity will have to be multifunctional for it to be most worthwhile. Try to bring resources that you know can be used in many different lessons and activities. Have fun organizing activities and be creative with how you use your resources!

You Aren’t on Your Own!

Don’t worry; you won’t be thrown into the deep end when you arrive. We have a whole team of volunteer teachers you will work alongside, and our project coordinators will support you all through it! We understand that even if you have a wealth of teaching experience, volunteer teaching in Africa can be very different from anything you have done before. Keep an open mind, trust in your abilities, and enjoy this life-changing experience; there is a whole team to support you through it! The fellow volunteers become like family, and you will quickly form close bonds while living together in the volunteer house!

Consider Their Lives Outside of The Classroom

It is well known that what happens outside of the classroom does not stay there. This is true for all areas of the world, but is particularly relevant for townships where children are from low socioeconomic backgrounds. Be prepared to deal with a range of consequences, from learning impairments to quieter children, and continuously consider their lives and experiences while best teaching them. However, the overwhelming consensus is that these children are excited and determined to learn!

How to Volunteer in Africa and Teach with African Impact

a group of boys playing soccer

If volunteer teaching in Africa sounds right for you, then we would love to have you! If you head over to our website, our teaching page details all the projects we have on offer. If the projects detailed in this article aren’t perfect for you, you may find one that is! If you have any questions about the teaching projects or African Impact in general, don’t hesitate to contact us! One of our friendly team members will be more than happy to help.

Once you have found your perfect project, all that is left to do is apply! This can be done on our website. It is easy and quick to do, and it will start you on your volunteer journey in no time!
We can’t wait to have you on our team!



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