Group Travel Programs in Africa

Group travel in Africa can be a very daunting experience, with so much to consider about the program you want to choose such as safety, local support, visa’s, accommodation facilities to cater for your groups unique requirements and much more. 

At African Impact we provide curated group itineraries based on your requirements, every group is unique, whether it is a high school trip abroad, faculty-led study abroad programs, corporate company volunteer opportunity or a bunch of friends wanting to do something impactful together, we tailor-make the group tour to your specific requirements.

Our group programs are aimed at achieving individual growth by increasing interpersonal skills, educational learnings about our destinations we operate in along with the cultural immersions into the local community and providing a sustainable future for our travelers by incorporating the sustainable development goals short, medium and long term aims into our programs.

Each of our locations in Africa have unique adventure options from an overnight stay in Kruger National Park to rafting down the mighty Zambezi river in Zambia, we organise all your personal tours of the most iconic activities you’ll ever do in your life.

African Impact's Group Travel Programs

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High School Study Abroad

African Impact has once again pioneered the outside of the classroom learning space by introducing our Global Awareness Program. This is an educational course delivered in class and in Africa, which aims to develop responsible global citizens. The program complements the CAS element of the IB and supports enrichment programs. The program allows students to be practically involved with real world scenarios, where they can learn from and collaborate with our team of specialists. This allows students to learn through experience with long-lasting impact for both the communities we work alongside, as well as the young people travelling with us.

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University Faculty-Led and Service Learning Group Programs

African Impact has become the leader in experiential learning and university travel to Africa, through our 15 years of award winning volunteer and internship programs, we have built deep community relationships and now leveraging those with academic faculties allows us to offer culturally immersive study abroad programs in Africa. Service Learning in Africa brings the classroom to the communities and conservation projects where students and faculty can directly apply their theoretical knowledge, whilst making progressive change in Africa aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development goals.

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Corporate Company Volunteer Opportunities

Corporate volunteering enables companies and corporates to incorporate volunteering into their work schedules, this is a great way to give back to communities while developing a healthy work-life balance for employees. Volunteering will instill the core company values and ethics which you want from your employees, increase retention of staff, increase productivity and ultimately create a sustainable change to not only your bottom line but also to the communities you will support.

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Gap Year Abroad Programs

Taking a gap year is a great idea. It’s an opportunity to gain perspective on your values and goals, to explore your strengths, and to grow in confidence and adaptability. Moreover, research shows that people who take a gap year before going to university end up performing better academically and finding a more fulfilling career. So plenty of reasons to get off the academic treadmill for a year, and have a purposeful adventure.