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Become fully mesmerized by the iconic African scenery, while capturing its beauty for conservation and community purposes. Our wildlife photography volunteers are stationed at a private game reserve in the Greater Kruger, where they are taught how to sharpen their skills, photograph an array of animals during daily game drives, and contribute to wildlife conservation, all at the same time. Thanks to incredible guidance from a professional photographer, rest assured, you will go home with an impressive portfolio of pictures. Wildlife photography volunteering is a dream come true for any keen photographer with a love for the wild or animals.

Wildlife Photography Volunteer Program Highlights

  • Natural Beauty — Surround yourself with the wealth of wildlife in Africa, including the Big Five!
  • Build Skills — Improve your photography skills through expert guidance capturing some of the most iconic landscapes.
  • Purpose — Make a true impact on wildlife conservation through your camera lens.
  • Convenience — Join any time of the year that works best for your schedule.
  • Community — Live at a volunteer accommodation alongside a group of fellow wildlife conservation enthusiasts.

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If you’ve always dreamt of spending your days photographing lions, elephants, and giraffes, you might be an excellent candidate for our wildlife photography volunteer programs in Africa. Share your passion for photography and wildlife conservation awareness, while ultimately working towards a greater good! What awaits you is a bunch of exciting game drives and close-encounters with wildlife in the African bush. On your wildlife volunteering journey, you’ll contribute to important conservation efforts first-hand! You’ll get to capture precious moments while witnessing some of Africa’s most incredible animals in their natural environment.

Greater Kruger Area, South Africa
Specific Start Dates
Impact: Wildlife Photography
Join African Impact and volunteer on a wildlife photography project in South Africa! Document and track some of Africa’s most incredible creatures in the wild.

From $794 per week

Greater Kruger Area, South Africa
Specific Start Dates
Impact: Wildlife Conservation
Guided and tutored by a professional photographer, gain practical experience in wildlife photography while contributing to the conservation of South Africa’s wildlife.

From $1040 per week

Wildlife Photography Volunteer FAQs

Why Volunteer in Wildlife Photography with African Impact

Photography has the incredible ability to enhance a place or emphasize a cause. Our wildlife photography volunteers are at the forefront of some of Africa’s most exquisite wildlife, capturing their amazing movements and beauty through a camera lens, while significantly contributing toward community development and conservation efforts. Our program will help you to apply your wildlife photography skills and gain invaluable experience working alongside professionals with extensive knowledge and expertise, all while maximizing your impact behind the lens.

All wildlife photography taken during your volunteer work will be available for charities and NGOs to promote and raise awareness for conservation purposes. Wildlife photography volunteers contribute significantly toward supporting local communities, as photographs that document the wild provide income for local community members and are valuable resources for conservation initiatives.

Enthusiastic photographers of all levels are encouraged to apply for our wildlife photography volunteer programs. You will be required to bring along your own camera (a SLR is recommended), a laptop for post-production editing, as well as a positive mindset and be ready for some incredible wildlife action shots!

Situated away from the city lights, the Greater Kruger Area is a sprawling expanse of about 20 private game reserves to the west of the Kruger National Park in South Africa. As a wildlife photography volunteer, you will be in the best position to photograph giant African elephants, elusive predators, beautiful birds, strange insects, and the great starry skies. The Greater Kruger Area is a dreamscape for wildlife photographers wanting to capture the immense wonder and beauty of the natural world. On top of capturing wildlife through photography, you’ll participate in general conservation work in the area, that includes hands-on field work and raising awareness on conservation issues in surrounding communities.

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