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Mad About Sports?

Use your sports skills and knowledge for good during a sports coaching volunteer program in South Africa where hockey and soccer are two of the most popular sports within the continent, or find yourself at a sports coaching clinic in Zambia where you could be teaching the art of rugby, a dedicated sport that promotes unity and trust amongst young children. Sports in Africa can be a fun and effective way to boost children’s health, whilst also teaching important life lessons. But, in many African communities, the options for learning sports are limited. Based on this, our sports volunteer programs in Zambia and South Africa are aimed at uplifting the lives of children in under-resourced communities, and nurturing talent.

Sports Coaching Program Highlights

  • Individual Resilience — Teach self-confidence, team work, and the importance of physical exercise through games and sports in Africa.
  • Visionary Landscapes — Enjoy the stunning and versatile destinations in this region of Africa, where you can explore excellent travel opportunities.
  • Empower Youth — Use your love of sports for good, and uplift the lives of children in communities where physical education is vital for positive growth.
  • Networking — Live in a comfortable volunteer house with a community of driven people from around the world.
  • Supportive Community — Enjoy guidance and support around the clock from our African Impact team.

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Volunteer sports coaches collaborate with community members to develop new recreation programs for kids. Running sports programs in rural schools and assisting with local sports coaches during after-school clubs are some of the best ways that you’ll empower young students to get excited about physical activity and health! These programs can inspire positive child development and encourage kids to engage in positive relationships with classmates. Working closely with your placement community, you’ll discover sustainable solutions to offering health education as well as physical activities where resources are limited.

Livingstone, Zambia
Every Monday in June - August
Impact: Sports Development
Put your passion for sports, fitness, wellness, and nutrition to great use as you educate and train school students in the villages of Livingstone, Zambia.

From $1075 / £660 per week

Cape Town, South Africa
Every second Monday
Impact: Sports Development
Join African Impact and volunteer on a sports coaching project in Cape Town! Assist sports coaches in teaching physical education sessions at schools.

From $900 / £660 per week

Volunteer in Sports Coaching FAQs


Sports offer unique opportunities for youth to work together as a team to solve complex problems. This collaboration can develop behavioral skills that are critical to child development. Increased physical activity is proven to benefit a child’s physical health, mental well-being and academic performance. Furthermore, after-school sports create a fun and engaging environment where youth can confidently grow, preventing them from joining dangerous activities like crime and substance abuse.

Unfortunately, a large portion of children in Africa do not have access to opportunities that can develop and improve their sports skills. Almost 50% of children in Sub-Saharan Africa live in extreme poverty, where communities cannot access the resources needed to run these programs. Across Africa, many public school systems do not offer physical education in their curriculum, and if they do provide it, these programs are often significantly underfunded.

If you are wanting to get involved in volunteer sports coaching, joining an African Impact program is a fantastic place to start! While there are no specific requirements to becoming the best sports volunteer, there are definitely a few essential skills that you’ll need to develop if you are thinking about volunteering in sports. Volunteers will regularly have opportunities to participate in after-school programs, where you can organize fun games, set up obstacle courses, and coach sports such as football and hockey. If you have experience playing or coaching a specific sport, you can work with a team in a local league as an assistant coach. Ultimately, the goal is to empower youth in educational and creative ways.

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