An internship in Africa may be the perfect next step for those taking a gap year, completing their studies, or thinking of a career change. It’s one of the best ways to gain necessary work experience for your dream career, or a savvy way to see if an industry is right for you.

African Impact have been offering internship opportunities since 2004, many that compliment our award-winning volunteer projects. See, we are an African company, meaning we are right here with you on the ground and available to support you every step of the way.

The aims of our internship programs are to help you develop new skills, gain valuable work experience, and give something back to the communities and programs that you come across. We know, first-hand, that an internship in Africa is like no other in the world and exposure to all that the African continent holds, can be life changing. 

Choose your internship projects focus

Our internship programs in Africa are divided into the various conservation community programs listed below. Should your topic of interest not be here, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the enquire now form to discuss your options.

As a wildlife conservation intern with African Impact, you will understand, first-hand, the importance of conservation within the context of the country you visit and get the opportunity to get up-close and personal with some of Africa’s most iconic wildlife. 

Whether you want to pursue a career in social work, community development, education, or human rights work, women’s empowerment programs provide valuable insight and experience, but also a chance to get involved with projects that are changing the face of African societies.

An internship in healthcare provides invaluable on-the-ground experience where you will get the chance to do hands-on healthcare work with local nurses and doctors to support the communities that serve.

Join our non-profit and charity internships abroad to gain critical skills in the charity sector. International non-profit internships allow you to maximise your impact and time abroad while gaining invaluable experience.

Wildlife Photography Internships help you gain exceptional experience and develop your skills while giving you a chance to get actively involved in using your photographic skills to conserve our wild animals in Africa.

How can you teach english abroad? Your first step is to complete the online TEFL certification and once accomplished you can complete your practical hours at our two certified TEFL training programs in Africa.

Why You Should Apply For An Internship Project Abroad

Internships in Africa

Looking for incredible internship programs abroad? Join an African Impact internship project in Africa! Here’s what you need to know.

Why intern in Africa?

If you are looking to gain priceless work experience abroad and make a sustainable impact in a local community, join one of our internships in Africa! Combining professional development opportunities, impact-driven community placements, and authentic African travel, joining an African Impact internship program is a life-changing adventure.

Why African Impact?

As an African-based company, we live and breathe incredible African internship abroad experiences. These placements immerse interns in the heart of sustainable impact organizations in local African communities, where unique work opportunities lie around every corner.

These aren’t your typical fetching coffee internships. Joining one of our internships, you’ll be a vital team member of your placement organization. All our internships in Africa are developed with local communities and sustainable development in mind, meaning you can be confident that this will not only be an incredible experience for you but make a sustainable impact on the community you are working in!

Where can I complete an internship in Africa?

Africa is the world’s second-largest continent with a rapidly growing population of diverse backgrounds. The continent is fast becoming famous for it’s seven natural wonders reaching from the beautiful Nile River to the awe-inspiring Table Mountain in Cape Town. African Impact offers internship programs in the following countries within Africa

  1. Internships in South Africa
  2. Online Internships
  3. Internships in Zambia

Africa is unlike any other place on the planet, a hub of innovation, and diverse cultures make this continent an experience of a lifetime.

Let our experienced destination managers hold your hand through the application to complete an award winning internship by submitting an enquiry now!

How much does it cost?

Program Fees

If you are eager for an immersive international internship but hesitant to pay, we understand. Your internship placement costs cover a wide array of unique experiences and benefits that we’ve included to ensure you have the best international experience possible!

Our internships in Africa start at £1200 and increase depending on the program you choose and your placement length. These costs cover your accommodation, meals, airport transportation, training, and 24/7 full support from our staff throughout your internship.

African Impact Sustainability Fund

Additionally, as a commitment to sustainable development in local African communities, all interns pay an additional £20 donation towards the African Impact Sustainability Fund. This donation goes directly to the African Impact Foundation, which independently ensures our projects’ sustainability when volunteers and interns leave their placements. 

What are the requirements for interning in Africa?

Generally – except for our health care internships – we do not require interns to have extensive industry experience or education to join our programs. We believe that internships in Africa are a life-changing opportunity that should be accessible to all, regardless of where you are on your professional journey!

Pre-Departure Support

From the moment you apply for your internship until the day you arrive home after your incredible adventure, we will provide all the support you may need to have the best experience possible. Before you leave for your internship, our destination managers will provide the information you’ll need for your journey to Africa and answer any questions you may have about your project.

Before you arrive in Africa, we also require that you complete a criminal records check. This requirement is firm and a part of our commitment to safeguarding locals in African communities.

Internship Training

Once you’ve arrived, we’ll take you through an intensive training program that leads you through your internship responsibilities, as well as valuable information about your destination, including cultural sensitivities, how to be a responsible traveler, and local activities to join!

We believe there are an unlimited amount of life-changing experiences to be had on an internship in Africa. To get the most out of this incredible experience, we ask interns to come eager to learn, passionate about sustainable development, and ready for an epic adventure!

Can you find internships in Africa without a degree?


In the past, we’ve welcome interns from all walks of their professional lives. Whether you are taking a gap year, in the middle of your degree, or looking for a career change, we have an internship for you!

Our internships are highly customizable to our interns’ interests, qualifications, and needs. You’ll be able to design your internship to give you the best experience possible, suiting your professional goals, educational interests and passions for impact.

What types of projects will I work on as an intern?

When you join an internship in Africa with us, you are in for the experience of a lifetime. You’ll spend your days out in some of Africa’s most stunning landscapes and beautiful communities, where opportunities for professional and personal development lie around every corner.

Right now, we offer internships in 6 unique industries. Each of our programs provides exceptional internship opportunities to get hands-on experience in your chosen sector and contribute to sustainable community development! Here’s a brief glimpse of the projects you can look forward to in each internship focus.


If you are eager for an environmental internship that takes you into the heart of Africa’s parks, look no further. Our conservation internships are the ultimate adventure for anyone looking to gain experience in the field of wildlife and environmental conservation! Interns on our conservation programs will work alongside wildlife researchers to gain hands-on field experience in conducting nature and biodiversity research. With regular game drives through the African bush, these internships are an unparalleled way to experience African wildlife while attaining valuable field knowledge in this exciting sector. If you are looking to gain professional experience in wildlife and environmental conservation, joining one of our conservation internships in Africa is an unmissable opportunity.

Wildlife Photography

Are you a keen wildlife photographer looking to build your portfolio? Join our Wildlife Photography internship! With one-on-one training from a professional wildlife photographer, this is an incredible way to refine your skills and create a stunning collection of images. With regular game drives through the gorgeous Greater Kruger Area and unforgettable wildlife encounters around every corner, this is the perfect opportunity for photographers looking for an impact-driven adventure. The images you take will contribute to databases that support education and fundraising campaigns for conservation non-profits worldwide, ensuring impact continues long after your photographic journey.

Gender Equality

Joining a Gender Equality internship in Africa is a life-changing opportunity. You’ll combat the gender inequalities that exist in Africa by empowering young girls and women to find their voice, pursue their dreams, and live the lives they deserve. Leading workshops focused on education, health, society, income generation, early pregnancy, and self-confidence, you’ll work to support women in rural African communities. Encouraging and inspiring women of all ages, our gender equality internships in Africa are valuable opportunities for anyone passionate about combating gender inequalities and eager to gain experience in the non-profit sector.


If you are keen to make an impact in public health, joining a healthcare internship abroad is an incredible opportunity to support community development. In Africa, poor infrastructure, underfunded hospitals, and a lack of trained health care professionals make it difficult for many African citizens across Sub-Saharan Africa to access proper health care. As a healthcare intern, you’ll work with incredible doctors and nurses to extend health care reach in rural African communities. With opportunities to participate in disciplines from gynaecology to HIV/AIDS counselling, these customisable internships are an incredible way to gain meaningful experience in global health.

NGO & Charity

Looking to gain experience in the NGO and Non-Profit sector? Join our NGO & Charity Internships! During your placement, you’ll work with the African Impact Foundation, our registered charity that independently ensures our volunteer projects’ sustainability. As an NGO intern, you’ll participate in various exciting and highly customisable tasks, from running marketing campaigns to engaging in community outreach, to support the Foundation’s goals. This internship is offered in four African countries, including South Africa, Zambia, Zanzibar, and Zimbabwe, making it the ultimate high-impact African expedition.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

If you are keen to gain your TEFL certification while making an incredible impact on a local community, join one of our TEFL internships. With us, you’ll complete your 20-hour English teaching practicum, working in a variety of schooling environments. Assisting local teachers, you’ll support young children’s development and help adult students improve their English literacy. While completing your rewarding TEFL internship in Africa, you’ll contribute to sustainable development in communities, making for the ultimate high-impact adventure!

Where can I find vetted internships in Africa?

At African Impact, we are committed to providing the best international internships that create long-lasting and sustainable impacts in local communities. To us, this means providing impact-driven internships in Africa that give interns unparalleled support, ensuring they can thrive in their internship placement!

As an intern with African Impact, you’ll have regular access and communication with three incredible professional support experts. First, you’ll work alongside a Senior Expert in your field, who will add valuable depth to your experience by providing insight into your placement’s cultural, social, and professional challenges.

Additionally, our internships in Africa provide regular discussions with a Professional Development Coach, who will work with you to discuss ways to achieve your personal and professional goals during and after your internship.

Beyond these two supports, you’ll work with an Educational Trainer, who will help you communicate any research conducted during your internship into written reports. These reports will inform decisions on how to achieve sustainable development goals in local communities best.

Our award-winning internships combine valuable and practical work experience with exciting African adventures, creating the ultimate international internship adventure. Immersed in African communities, you’ll leave your internship richer, more open-minded, and developed in your field.

Is it safe to intern in Africa?


As an African-based company, we live and breathe incredible internships in Africa. We take our interns’ safety and comfort throughout their internship seriously. We carefully design each of our internships to ensure interns are safe at their placements.

Learn more about our safety protocols. If you have any additional questions, we would be glad to answer them! Get in touch with us if you have more safety questions.