Viewing The Falls With Chinotimba Preschool

Viewing the Falls with Chinotimba Preschool

What an exciting end to a very busy week for our volunteers! Thanks to a very kind and generous sponsorship from our community volunteer Cheri Bazley we were able to organise a school trip for the kids of Chinotimba Preschool to the Victoria Falls National Park.

After a fair amount of paperwork was done to receive approval for the trip the day finally arrived! Mrs. Nyathi, the school mistress told us later on that most of the children had not slept with so much anticipation surging through their little bodies the night before. The kids were between the ages of two and six years old, of which very few have ever seen the Victoria Falls in person. A sad reality in the town of Victoria Falls is that some people go their whole lives having never seen the Falls, a natural wonder that is set right on their doorstep. However, people either can’t afford the entrance fees, with priorities elsewhere, or there is not enough encouragement to experience such a spectacle on the locals as there is on tourists!

With a big gasp and a chorus of “Wooow” the balls of energy were immediately captivated when the rainforest trees broke to reveal the towering Falls, and the learners remained captivated throughout the trip!

Although the trek is a fairly decent distance, especially for tiny legs, the Chinotimba students kept their spirits high by singing songs and climbing on our volunteers who quite happily invited them to take brief walking breaks through ever-entertaining piggyback rides. At the end of the trail, facing the Victoria Falls bridge, kids and volunteers alike kicked off their shoes in celebration of a hot yet successful expedition. To prove their youth, the children of Chinotimba Preschool quite enthusiastically took up a request to perform a preview of their graduation theatrical play for on looking tourists and volunteers as their audience!

Altogether this was a very proud moment for all who were involved. We could not have done it without the volunteers and the wonderful cooperation of Mrs. Nyathi and her preschoolers. We look forward to our next adventure with them!



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