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Discover Africa from anywhere in the world, as you bolster your resume and make a tangible impact on a grassroots NGO, in this life-changing remote internship.

Join The African Impact Foundation’s social impact virtual internship program for 1 to 6 months. Connect with our small, dedicated team who will design your online program that aligns with your personal and professional development goals. We offer flexibility in terms of your capacity and time zone. If you have a specific academic focus, interest or passion then you can choose to focus on one of our impact areas that include; education and enrichment, health and nutrition, empowering families or gender equality.

If you’re looking to explore a career in the NGO sector, we can offer you a broad view of all our operations, project development and implementation on the ground. Our program is customizable to suit any level of experience that will stretch your skills and allow you to gain ‘reference worthy’ experience. Gain practical experience and a theoretical understanding of social development. Bolster your resume while making a tangible impact. Broaden your horizons as you connect with the rich and diverse culture of the communities, projects and people of our established, grassroots African NGO.

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Project Highlights

  • Remote NGO management internship
  • Variety of focus areas and fields of interest
  • Dedicated internship supervisor
  • Personalised development plan
  • A professional development coaching session
  • A mix of independent assignments and virtual team meetings and one on one workshops
  • Suitable for students, graduates and professionals wanting to build a career in the NGO sector, or looking to explore a career change
  • Receive a certificate of participation and professional reference
  • Exposure to all NGO operations
  • Rich library of digital learning
Volunteers sharing stories with people from the community during village tour.

Quick Facts


Not Applicable


1 - 6 months

Impact: NGO & Charity

$865 – $1,660


four females standing in a line giving a workshop on gender equality in zambia

Gain practical experience and a theoretical understanding of social development. Broaden your horizons as you connect with the rich and diverse culture of the communities, projects and people of our established, grassroots NGO in Africa.

This remote program is highly customisable to suit your time zone and capacity. Choose from a minimum hours per week or challenge yourself to a full work day program throughout the internship.

Internship Supervisor: A dedicated mentor who will design your program, support your induction, challenge your skills and monitor your progress.

Team Support: Remote meetings will be scheduled with various team members in South Africa and Zambia.

Full access to the internship multi media that take you through a structured work and learn program.

Our social impact internship offers international experience at grassroots level, tailored to stretch any skill set. Our virtual program is tailormade to meet your objectives and track your achievements. It is a well-rounded curriculum to the inner workings of the executive functioning and on ground NGO operation.

This well put together module plan outlines the various functions that make up an NGO, offering you the opportunity to guide experiential learning and the understanding of the logistics and processes involved in these functions.

Focusing on a different learning outcome each week, module resources will be shared i.e. reading materials, webinars and you will get the opportunity to virtually meet the various team members involved in the various functions to inspire and guide the learning process. Your time will be divided between your learning objective and internship goals.

The learning objective is based on your field of interest/objective and the internship goals are a combination of personal and professional development. The internship goals will be a set of tasks and projects that you will get the opportunity to work on to develop professional skills. 

Project Impact Areas

Your Impact

With over 70 successful placements, the African Impact Foundation are global experience specialists, balancing the personal development goals with enriched, real time and relevant work that will directly feed into the strategy, day to day operations, project development or implementation that ultimately elevates opportunities for people to take meaningful steps out of poverty. The bottom line is real impact and an authentic and valuable skill set with global experience. 


Example: Day 1

8:00 – 9:00 Introduction to NGO Management
(Module Documents)

9:30 – 10:30 Debrief NGO Management
(Call with Executive Director)

10:30 – 11:30 NGO Management Assignment
(Independent Working)

11:30 – 12:00 Daily Work Report & Questions
(Independent Working)

Example: Day 2

7:30 – 8:00 Supervisor Check in
(Zoom Call with Internship Supervisor)

8:00 – 9:00 Team Introduction
(Zoom Call with Impact Manager)

9:00 – 11:45 Time to work on Task/Assignment
(Independent Working)

11:50 – 12:00 Daily Work Report & Questions
(Independent Working)


Example: Day 3

8:00 – 10:00 Time to work on Tasks/Assignments
(Independent Working)

10:30 – 11:30 Current Activity on the ground & Campaigns
(Module Documents)

11:30 – 12:00 End of week recap & check-in
(Whatsapp Call with Internship Supervisor)

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Dates & Rates

When would you like to volunteer?

Give us an idea of your travel plans, you can also say ‘I’m not sure yet.’ We’ll take it from there.

How long would you like to volunteer?

This is the place to select your preferred duration(s). The African Impact team recommend at least 4 weeks for a truly memorable experience!

4 weeks $865
8 weeks $1265
12 weeks $1660

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TEFL in zambia

Project Fee Includes:

  • Bespoke remote learning and work experience, program design.
  • Weekly schedules and personal development plan.
  • Access to a variety of multimedia.
  • Personal and professional development workshops.
  • Orientation pack with useful company resources.

Project Fee Excludes:

  • Internet expenses.
  • Any costs associated that are not covered above.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An NGO virtual internship is similar to a typical internship experience, except it’s performed entirely online! Virtual internships are a powerful opportunity to gain professional industry knowledge with incredible flexibility. Our NGO Virtual Internship connects interns with our partner non-profit organization – The African Impact Foundation – for the online work experience of a lifetime.

Generally, we do not require any qualifications for this internship. This program is well suited to any students, graduates, or professionals looking to gain professional experience in the NGO & Charity sector. This internship is highly customizable, allowing you to pursue an academic interest or passion of your choosing, from digital marketing to fundraising to strategic research.

– It’s a great CV booster: Joining a virtual NGO internship is a great way to build professional experience in the NGO sector. You’ll walk away from this experience with an excellent placement to put on your CV, some valuable work accomplishments, and professional references to assist in your job search in the future.

– It’s flexible: The beauty of a virtual internship is that it is almost entirely adaptable to your goals and needs! Working online, you’ll have the freedom of completing your work wherever you’d like, whether that be at home, on the side of a mountain, or a beachfront hostel! If there’s a wifi connection, you can work there. Additionally, much of your hours will be customizable to fit your schedule, ensuring the optimal work/life balance.

– Building skills: A virtual NGO internship is the perfect way to develop professional soft and hard skills. With exposure to the behind-the-scenes management of an award-winning NGO, The African Impact Foundation, you’ll develop essential skills in international management, online marketing, fundraising, or whatever else you choose to focus on.

If you’re keen to join the African Impact Foundation team for this exciting virtual internship or simply learn more about this project, scroll to the bottom of the page to enquire. Get ready for the ultimate virtual internship adventure!

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