Volunteer in Namibia

If you’re planning on volunteering in Namibia, you’re in for a treat. There’s a slight magic to Namibia’s landscapes; vast deserts meet infinite coastlines, red sand dunes create surreal vistas, and salt pans offer unlikely homes to wildlife. At African Impact, we’re delighted to offer you the opportunity to help protect and preserve this incredible natural environment as a volunteer or as an intern. Join our volunteer projects in Namibia and support pioneering rewilding programs aimed at protecting endangered wildlife and restoring areas of land to their natural state. These volunteer opportunities in Namibia offer the opportunity to be part of a unique conservation adventure.

Highlights of doing a volunteer project in Namibia:

  • Enjoy a true wilderness setting in one of the most stunning places on Earth
  • Be part of a cutting edge rewilding project
  • Live in a tented camp within a game reserve; the best setting for a digital detox
  • Be surrounded by a team of like-minded people from around the world
  • Explore Namibia’s many magical features on excursions and day trips

Frequently asked questions about our Volunteer Projects in Namibia

Get ready to experience Africa’s authentic wild side. Filled with rolling sand dunes, towering mountains, and striking canyons, Namibia is an adventure lover’s paradise. Home to some of the best sunsets, stargazing and unique wildlife in Africa, Namibia’s natural beauty is beyond words. Our Namibia volunteer projects work at one stunning nature reserve in the middle of the Namibian wild – Oana.

Oana Nature Reserve, Namibia

A sprawling expanse of over 165 000 acres of pure desert wilderness, the Oana Nature Reserve is a destination like no other. Surrounded by panoramic views of quartz mountains, volcanoes, and the iconic Orange River – one of the longest rivers in Africa – the natural wonders surrounding this reserve set the stage for the volunteer adventure of a lifetime. The Oana Nature Reserve stretches through the Nama Karoo, Succulent Karoo, and the Namib Desert biomes, meaning wildlife throughout the reserve is as diverse as it is beautiful.

Led by local guides, opportunities to embark on expeditions through the nature reserve’s remarkable terrain are endless. Journey on a mountain biking adventure through the wild highlands surrounding Oana’s base. Embark on a multi-day hiking trip through the mountain terrain iconic to this region. Or, manoeuvre your way through the rapids of the Orange River with a local rafting organization for the ultimate Namibian adventure!

During our Namibia volunteer projects, you’ll stay in Oana’s stunning base camp. A gorgeous hub for your recharging between your wild adventures, the base camp is stocked with all the necessary amenities to make your stay pleasantly comfortable while maintaining Namibia’s rugged charm. Located in a beautifully remote location, this is the perfect place to unplug from the busyness of daily life and experience the magic of Africa.

Unfortunately the volunteer project in Oana Nature Reserve had to pause operations during the pandemic. We are waiting to find out if the program will relaunch. Check out these alternatives in the meantime:   

At African Impact, our mission is to provide the best international volunteer programs in Africa that create real, sustainable impacts on local communities. While our volunteer projects may be unpaid, we absolutely believe they are a life-changing experience for volunteers and locals alike!

As an African-based company, we know first hand the incredible adventures available on our stunning continent. We live and breathe all things African travel and are passionate about immersing volunteers in the heart of some of Africa’s most incredible natural environments and communities. Developing meaningful relationships with locals, learning about unique African cultures, and exploring breath-taking natural wonders, you’ll experience the true spirit of Africa and the people, places, and wildlife that make it so extraordinary.

To us, epic adventures and sustainable impacts go hand-in-hand. We firmly believe in the power of responsible volunteering to positively transform the lives of volunteers and local communities alike. Developing our projects with local community stakeholders, everything we do is measured, designed, and implemented with the community’s goals in mind. As a volunteer joining one of our projects, your work will not only be a life-changing experience for you but make actual, sustainable impacts on the lives of the local community.

This combination of incredible adventures, responsible impacts, and cultural immersion allows us to go beyond the conventional understanding of “volunteering abroad” and offer innovative African volunteer travel experiences that – while unpaid – can truly transform lives!

Re-Wilding the Desert

Re-wilding is an exciting innovation in environmental and wildlife conservation. Taking old farmland and revitalizing it into a thriving ecosystem for endangered animals, this circular approach to conservation positively impacts local wildlife, farmers, and communities alike. On the front lines of the re-wilding movement is Oana Nature Reserve. As a volunteer on one of our Namibia projects, you’ll support Oana’s exciting mission in tangible and sustainable ways!

Opportunities for impact on these exciting projects are highly varied and filled with uniquely Namibian adventures. Collect field research on the unique wildlife in the reserve by leading biodiversity surveys, embarking on game counts, deploying camera traps, and more. Get your hands dirty in physical rewilding work by removing livestock fences, leftover scrap, and alien plant species in the area, turning old land into a true wildlife sanctuary. Journey out after dark to track nocturnal species under Namibia’s endless starry skies, making for the ultimate nighttime wildlife experience.

In addition to wildlife conservation work, volunteers will have opportunities to support local community development. Spending time in the nearby village of Warmbad, transformative opportunities to engage in rich cultural exchanges with locals and support community development work are sure to be a highlight of your volunteer expedition!

Namibia Program Fees

Our Namibia volunteer program costs $3,250 for four weeks. These costs cover your volunteer accommodation, meals, 24/7 in-country support, project and airport transportation, project orientation, and any project equipment volunteers may need. If you’re keen to join our Namibia internship, fees will begin at $1,750 for two weeks and increase slightly with each week you extend your stay!

African Impact Sustainability Fund

As a commitment to sustainable development in the communities we work in, all volunteers pay an additional $25 to the African Impact Sustainability Fund. This money goes directly to the African Impact Foundation, which independently ensures the sustainability of our projects in local communities and guarantees impacts continue long after volunteers leave. Learn more about the donation and the African Impact Sustainability Fund.

Established in 2004, providing high-quality volunteer experiences in Africa has been in our DNA for 16 years. Our volunteers, staff, and local communities’ safety is our top priority and something that is never compromised. From the moment you arrive in Africa to the end of your adventure, we take the utmost care in ensuring your comfort and safety.

To learn more about our health and safety protocols, please visit the following links. If you have additional questions, we would love to answer them. You can click here to contact us, and one of our team members will be in touch with you shortly!

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