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Why Taking a Gap Year in Africa is a Good Idea

If you’ve recently finished school and are contemplating what to do with your life, taking a year out of academia could be the perfect opportunity to discover what you’re really passionate about! Volunteering abroad gives you the opportunity to learn more about your intended career paths and get practical experience in an entirely new setting. If you’re thinking about spending some of your gap year as a volunteer in Africa, it’s a great decision for multiple reasons. You will make a positive impact by offering your time and skills, while gaining world experience that will make it easier to navigate college, university, or work life. But you will also have fun and meet incredible people from all around the world who will become life-long friends. 


Here are 5 Ideas for Gap Year Volunteering in Africa

1. Teach English to Kids and Adults in Zanzibar

Live the tropical island dream while teaching English to children and adults on the idyllic coast of Zanzibar. You will make a positive impact by guiding teaching sessions with children at nursery schools and adults in English literacy classes. You will become part of the community by learning some of the local Swahili language, participating in community initiatives, and living in a small village on Unguja Island. 


Unguja is the main island of Zanzibar and your doorway to unreal island adventures like swimming with dolphins, island hopping trips, sunset sundowner cruises in a traditional Dhow boat, and dancing beneath the moon on the shores of paradise at a full moon party. Read more about why you should volunteer in Zanzibar.

2. Offer Medical Assistance in Africa’s Adventure Capital

Whether you’re a pre-med student or thinking about a career in healthcare, volunteering on a medical project gives you a chance to make a tremendous difference in the lives of people who live in communities where medical resources are scarce and access to healthcare is limited. During your program placement, you’ll find out all there is to know about becoming a medical volunteer in Africa.


You will gain valuable healthcare experience in a variety of departments by assisting in medical clinics, accompanying local caregivers to their rural homes to offer home-based care, and bringing awareness to the local people through health talks at schools, training centers, and support groups that encourage healthy lifestyle choices and preventative healthcare measures. You will also be living at the award-winning Victoria Falls Backpackers that is known for its vibe and incredible location on the edge of Victoria Falls! 

3. Contribute to Wildlife Conservation in the Greater Kruger

The work you do on this wildlife conservation volunteer program will contribute to important conservation efforts to protect and conserve threatened and endangered species. Join our field guides and wildlife conservation research team in the most beautiful game reserves in the world-famous Greater Kruger Area for the ultimate African safari and encounters with magnificent wild animals, including the iconic Big 5: Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino, and Buffalo!


You will get involved with every aspect of wildlife conservation including tracking wildlife through the bush, going on night drives to survey nocturnal animals such as leopards, identifying animal tracks on morning walks, camping out under the starry skies at research camps, and offering much-needed assistance with removing invasive plant species and poaching snares.


4. Empower Girls and Women on Gender Equality in Zambia

Our Gender Equality Internship aims to support, educate, and encourage adolescent girls as they become empowered young women in their community. You will get involved with community projects that empower girls and women with skills and knowledge, as well as projects with young boys to introduce, educate, and raise awareness on gender equality.

You will also get to fully immerse yourself in local Zambian culture and enjoy the slow way of life or heart-pounding adventures that have helped Zambia earn the title of ‘adventure capital of Africa’.

5. Facilitate Sports Coaching for Disadvantaged Kids in Cape Town

Our sports coaching and development program in Cape Town provides much-needed coaching and physical education sessions to kids to help them develop teamwork and communication skills. You will provide sports coaching and help teach physical education sessions in various sports to children in Cape Town’s townships. Sport is known to reduce risks of gangsterism and drug use, but sports opportunities are limited in townships. Volunteers offer an extra set of hands that can help children burn off energy, deal with frustration, or inspire a love for sports.


How Does a Gap Year Impact Your Life?

Wander along the historical city streets of Zanzibar, glide through the reeds of the Zambezi River as elephants wade nearby, get up close to prides of lions on a walking safari, or meet the proud and mysterious warriors of Tanzania’s Maasai tribes. The magic of Africa brings many opportunities for adventure, and each moment and interaction offers something special. 

Apply today and discover many excellent gap year ideas with us! Whether it’s a project in conservation or community volunteering, there’s undeniably something for you. We’ll help you decide which project would be the best idea for your gap year. 

Get in contact with us by email, form, or phone call to start your application.



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