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7 Hidden Secrets About Victoria Falls Africa

Everybody knows Victoria Falls is an incredible volunteer in Africa destination and travel hub, not to mention adventure centre of Africa, but what makes it so unique Below are 8 reasons that answer that very question.

1. The Moonbow

The Victoria Falls is one of the only places on earth where this natural phenomenon exists – the lunar rainbow. Victoria Falls National Park remains open during evenings when a full moon is visible, and volunteers in Vic Falls can gaze upon the rainbow that is created even in the evening light.

2. Rain 24/7

The Victoria Falls Rainforest, on the Zimbabwe side of the falls, is the only place on earth that experiences 365 days of rain! The spray emanating from the falls has created a unique, lush forest, which can be explored by visitors to the park.

3. Watch That Spray!

The rainforest isn’t the only place you can see the spray of the falls. At their height, the telltale clouds can be seen from kilometres away! In some months of the year, you’re likely to walk down the main street of the Victoria Falls town and feel the spray for yourself without even catching sight of the falls themselves.

The Smoke that Thunders

4. The Bridge Between

The Victoria Falls Bridge was the dream of Cecil John Rhodes (the famous explorer and businessman). Although he died before it could be completed, it allows you to easily cross from Zambia to Zimbabwe. In fact, the traveling time between Livingstone and Victoria Falls is mere minutes – and on your way in between, stop halfway across the bridge for a quick bungee jump!

Victoria Falls bridge – Connecting Zimbabwe & Zambia

5. An Epicenter For African Travel

When you travel to Victoria Falls, you’ll be stunned to discover what a great starting point it is for travel in the region. You’ll find yourself but hours away from the borders of Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Namibia – all navigable by organized tour, car, bus or overland truck.

6. The Falls Themselves!

There’s a reason Victoria Falls is one of the 7 Wonders of the World! It’s the earth’s largest curtain of falling water – 1,700m wide and 110m high. Though the volume of water changes drastically through the rainy and dry seasons (unlike Niagara Falls), it’s breathtaking at any time of the year!

Victoria falls is considered the largest curtain of falling water in the world

7. Wandering Wildlife

The beauty of so many national parks (Victoria Falls, Zambezi, Mosi-oa-Tunya) in such close proximity, is wildlife is never in short supply. What makes this area unique is a lack of fencing, made possible by the road of the Zambezi River. This means animals have free reign to roam as they please – meaning your walk into town could be interrupted by an elephant – but more likely, a warthog.

Incredible Volunteering Opportunities Near the Victoria Falls

Nowhere else does African Impact provide such a diverse range of volunteer opportunities within a 15km radius. From lion research to wildlife orphan care; from healthcare support to wildlife photography and conservation, there is a volunteering placement to fit each person’s personality a stone’s throw from Victoria Falls.

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During sundown, a group of volunteers are enjoying the view of Zimbabwe.

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