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We are extremely proud of our charity, the African Impact Foundation, who generate real positive change for thousands of community members in more than 10 African countries. This mammoth task is only possible thanks to the support of people – who in one way or another – form part of our Foundation. This International Day of Charity, we are giving you 5 ways you can be involved with our NGO, the African Impact Foundation, and impact the lives of thousands more. 

Here are five ways to get involved with the African Impact Foundation

1. Begin Fundraising to Help Communities Around Africa

Create your own fundraising event to raise money for the project you feel most passionate about!

There are many different alternatives, and everyone has a secret weapon when it comes to starting a campaign in support of the African Impact Foundation – put yours into action! What better way to celebrate your birthday than giving back – ask your family and friends to donate to your chosen project in place of a gift. Or, why not accept a challenge to shave your head, bike 15km or run a marathon if a certain amount of money is raised. Alternatively, you could host an event to raise funds for your chosen project. Maybe a gala ball, quiz night, auction or yard sale for family, friends and your community.

We suggest two fundraising platforms that allow you to set up a donations page: Virgin Money Giving or Global Giving. You can also donate the amount raised directly to our Foundation’s website or account.

2. Donate to Our Foundation, Monthly or Once-off

Give up one coffee a month and instead, feed 40 girls every week for a month. A little goes a long way and it doesn’t just have to be on the International Day of Charity! You can choose to give monthly or to give once-off. The amount does not really matter, every little donation is one step further to making a real change in the communities that the African Impact Foundation works with.

3. Spend Your Internship Learning and Giving Back Simultaneously

Being an NGO virtual intern is the best way to learn, travel and help at the same time! Put into practice your skills, learning something new every day and being part of a truly authentic African experience. In your internship you will have professional support, guiding and helping you get the most out of each day while our focal projects benefit from your work, strengths and competence. Being an intern for the African Impact Foundation is the perfect way to grow – both personally and professionally – developing all your abilities and working with people from all around the world.

4. Give Your Time Through Volunteering

You can get involved with the African Impact Foundation by volunteering with African Impact (us!), if you haven’t already; definitely one of the most rewarding, enriching and fun ways possible! At every African Impact volunteer project base, our Foundation helps to support a focal project. You can experience that focal project by directly volunteering there and making a tangible difference with your time and effort.

There are many areas where you can make an impact according to your preferences and abilities, from gender equality, teaching and sports, to photography and wildlife conservation.

5. Use Your Influence to Get Others Involved

Use your influence! Whether you are planning your trip or have just returned home, let people know your personal experience. Tell them about the project you feel most passionate about and how they can be part of it. Can they donate money? Donate a skill? Donate an item? It is important to figure out who is in your circle and who you can reach, including friends, family, co-workers, clients, sport teams, neighbors, insurance agents, among others!

If you’ve already volunteered with us, you can also become an official Ambassador and earn a free trip back! One of the aims is to promote the African Impact Foundation at a local level and help generate donations. The more donations you raise, you bigger discount you get off volunteering!

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