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When it comes to visiting Africa, Zambia is often overlooked for the well-trodden tourist trail of places such as South Africa and Kenya. Yet, for those who want to get off the beaten track, this landlocked country has much to offer. But, if you want to explore one of Africa’s best kept secrets, you need to be fast. The country has big plans to increase tourism. Last year Zambia received 1.116 million tourists – by 2020, the government are targeting 12 million. Act now, before the rest of the world cottons on to this overlooked gem. 

Our 10 Reasons To Visit Zambia Before It Is Too Late

    1. Zambia voted top ten safest countries to visit in 2018 by US Department of State
    2. Home to one of the seven wonders of the world – Victoria Falls
    3. The Zambezi river & its surrounding wildlife
    4. Plenty adventures & activities for adrenaline seekers
    5. Experience traditional culture
    6. Border hopping into Zimbabwe
    7. Enjoying the best sunsets in Africa
    8. Spectacular scenery
    9. Wine, dine & dance the night away
    10. Make an impact with African Impact


1. Peace Out

Did you know Zambia made it into the top ten safest countries to visit in 2018? The US Department of State ranks countries according to its Global Peace Index evaluation and thanks to Zambia’s stability it scored highly.  Come check out the laid-back and friendly vibe for yourself.

2. Do Go Chasing Waterfalls

Livingstone is home to one of the seven wonders of the world – the mighty Victoria Falls.

Get up-and-close and personal with a jaw-dropping walk around the falls and discover why it is called “Mosy-oa -Tunya” (the smoke that thunders).

Immerse yourself fully with a dip in Devil’s Pool – nature’s ultimate infinity pool on the edge of the falls itself.

Alternatively, rise above the rest with unravelled views of the falls with an exhilarating helicopter ride or micro light. If you are lucky you may even get to see elephants crossing the river below.

When the moon is full and the water is high, a late night trip to the falls is a must to witness the magic of a lunar rainbow.

3. Take A Walk On The Wild Side

The Zambezi river is not just a hub for humans, it is a huge attraction to wildlife, too. Take a safari through the national park which boards the river and you could see animals such as rhino, elephant and giraffe. Not close enough to nature? Ditch the vehicle for a walking safari and who knows you could end up face-to-face with a rhino!

4. Adventure & Activities

If the animals are not enough to get your blood pumping, then for the adrenaline junkies there are plenty of activities to raise your blood pressure. The bridge which connects Zambia with Zimbabwe also provides the perfect platform to bungee jump. Plunge headfirst into the gorge’s rainbows for a truly unique perspective.

You can also do a gorge swing, zipline or take part in white water rafting along the Zambezi – voted by Nat Geo as one of the top 10 places to raft in the world.

5. Culture Trip

Step away from the town center and see the true heart of Livingstone – its villages. Here you can experience traditional markets, see a huge variety of home dwellings and meet the people who give Zambia its friendly reputation.

6. Border Hop

Use Livingstone as base and tick-off other African countries from your to-do list.

It is just a quick hop across to the border to the town of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe where you can see the falls from a different perspective. People are divided about which country has the best view – why not check both out and make-up your own mind.

A day or overnight trip to Botswana is also popular – here you can experience the majestic Chobe National Park by car and boat.

7. Best Sunsets In Africa

Blow-up your Instagram feed as you enjoy some of the most stunning sunsets Africa has to offer. Be inspired by nature’s beauty as you enjoy spectacular oranges, reds, and purples.

For a different perspective, try the sunset river cruises. Relax with a cold drink and watch the hippos and crocodiles as the sun melts into the Zambezi.

8. Spectacular Scenery

Take a drive outside of Livingstone and get into the local countryside where dirt-tracked roads are lined by ancient trees against a backdrop of impossibly blue skies and fluffy white clouds.

Prepare to be amazed as the rainy seasons lush pallet of green grass and fruit-laden trees makes way to the dry season’s dusty fields, opening the landscape for views that for last miles and miles.

9. Wine, Dine & Dance The Night Away

The influx of faceless corporate eateries has yet to filter through Livingstone nor has the inflated prices which usually come hand-in-hand. Nights out will not break the bank and there is a wide variety of affordable eats ranging from traditional cuisine (including the local favorite of nshima), or popular meals such as Indian, Italian and Chinese.

For those who want to dance the night away, there are several bars and night clubs where you can hear both mainstream and local beats.

10. Make An Impact

Make an impact in the community by helping at the local schools to teach academic lessons, sports, health, or gender empowerment. African Impact offer both short and long-term volunteering opportunities.


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