If you are anything like the team at African Impact, you’re already thinking ahead and finding opportunities for self-discovery, growth, and learning in 2019. Whether you’re taking a break between studies (did you know we’ve just been named the Top Gap Year Program Provider?), thinking about a career change, or are simply searching for an opportunity to boost your resume, an international internship could be right for you. 

Here Are Our 10 Best Internship Programs in Africa:

  1. Social Development and Entrepreneurship Internship in South Africa
  2. Marine Eco-Tourism Internship in Zanzibar
  3. Public Health Internship in Zambia
  4. Design-Your-Own Field Research and Wildlife Internship in South Africa
  5. Veterinary Assistance Internship in Cape Town
  6. Gender Equality Internships across Africa
  7. Environmental Sustainability Internship in Zambia
  8. Social Work Internship in Cape Town
  9. Occupational Therapy Internship in Cape Town
  10. Photography Internship in South Africa

1. Social Development & Entrepreneurship Internship, Greater Kruger Area, South Africa


Suited for: Budding entrepreneurs, change-makers, and community development enthusiasts

What’s the bigger impact? Help individuals establish small to medium-sized business start-ups which will generate income for themselves and their families. Some 795 million people in the world do not have enough food to lead a healthy active life. That’s about one in nine people on earth. The vast majority of the world’s hungry people live in developing countries, where 12.9% of the population is severely affected. In Sub-Saharan Africa, where African Impact works, one person in four is under-nourished.

As a development and entrepreneurship intern in South Africa, you’ll help tackle this issue at grass-roots level, working alongside the community and African Impact staff to support and incubate local entrepreneurs. While working to provide income-generating businesses for local South Africans that focus on food supply, you’ll get practical exposure to business start-ups, project management, social development efforts, and mentorship.

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2. Marine Eco-Tourism Internship, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Suited for: Eco-warriors, ocean-babies, and students of tourism

What’s the bigger impact? Conserve wild dolphin populations while ensuring local people can still benefit from tourism income

Did you know that a lot of wild dolphin swimming tours are conducted in an unethical manner that can drive the dolphins away from their natural feeding areas? Even worse, did you know that the loss of these dolphins would mean many local people would be left without an income from this type of tourism? Welcome to the issue we have on the stunning tropical island of Zanzibar, Tanzania.

This internship (probably located in the most beautiful coastal region of Africa) revolves around eco-tourism and finding practical, real-world solutions that will conserve Zanzibar’s dolphin population, while still ensuring that the community can benefit from our ocean-friends. Supported throughout by the African Impact team, interns collaborate with hotels, tour operators, community members, and tourists themselves, to build a solid foundation for eco-tourism and motivate better practices. Expect hands-on exposure to sustainable tourism, marine research, problem-solving, and of course, spending time with the bay’s resident dolphin population.

3. Public Health Internship, Livingstone, Zambia


Suited for: Up-and-coming members of the healthcare services and related industries, groups, as well as those with limited time available

What’s the bigger impact? Improve rural and impoverished communities’ access to quality public health services.

Like you, we believe that health is a basic human right. It’s why we’ve been working in the town of Livingstone in Zambia for over ten years, fighting to break the inter-generational cycles of poverty that limit the community’s access to quality healthcare.

This year, we launched a pioneering 4-week public health internship here that aids our team in determining the health of community populations and addressing context-specific barriers to effective healthcare. This practical internship will provide you experience in: promoting healthy lifestyles; frontline care at clinics and in home-based care sessions; researching disease and injury prevention; implementing educational programs; recommending policies; improving accessibility; building information packs for the Population Council, and more.

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4. Design-Your-Own Field Research and Wildlife Internship, Greater Kruger Area, South Africa

Suited for: David Attenborough-worshippers, explorers, and those who love nature

What’s the bigger impact? Provide quality data on endangered and at-risk species that will contribute to conservation plans. If someone told you that you could undertake an internship from a safari vehicle, what would you say? If your response is “No, thanks. I don’t do outdoor activities.”, then perhaps it’s not for you. If nothing sounds better than endless days under the African sun, keep on reading.

On the borders of the world-famous Kruger National Park lies a private lodge dedicated to wildlife research and conservation. From here, interns can conduct their own field research and wildlife projects on any species that can be found in this region, whether it be the African elephant, lion, cheetah, wild dog, giraffe, or even raptors. Whether you’re looking to supplement data for your thesis, or you just want to get your foot in the door for a job working with wildlife, we’re always on the look out for interns to join our research team.

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5. Veterinary Assistance Internship, Cape Town, South Africa

Suited for: Crazy cat and dog ladies (and men) and students studying veterinary practices

What’s the bigger impact? Help find homes for, and perhaps even safe the life of, abandoned, neglected, or abused domestic animals. If you are living everyone’s dream of becoming a veterinarian, then there is no where more unique to undertake a veterinary assistance internship than in Cape Town. Here, extreme levels of poverty and poor education on animal welfare leaves hundreds of thousands of domestic animals homeless, or in squalid conditions.

As a veterinary intern, you’ll work alongside pro-life, non-profit animal shelters and clinics who can care for up to 1000 animals at a time. With a focus on canine and feline-care, you’ll get to observe and assist during surgeries, as well as be involved in pre-and-post-operative care. When not in scrubs, interns get involved in the daily running of the animal shelter.

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6. Gender Equality Internships across Africa

Suited for: Advocates, change-makers, and strong-willed men and women

What’s the bigger impact? Empower, educate and uplift disadvantaged girls and women across Africa, while including boys and men in the conversation. Founded in collaboration with African Impact and the African Impact Foundation, The Girl Impact is a gender equality initiative that works across three countries in East and Southern Africa. Our goal is to support and educate young girls to help them make better informed decisions as they move towards womanhood, as well as to provide educational workshops and encourage income generating activities. Further, we look past just girls and women and empower surrounding boys and men to join and encourage the movement of gender equality.

Whether you are a 17-year-old female, or 35-year-old man, we offer internship placements year-round, across four locations; Cape Town and Zululand in South Africa, Moshi in Tanzania, and Livingstone in Zambia. This internship speaks to someone who is passionate about gender issues, developing hard-skills in a non-profit role and using their strengths to mentor and provide support on education, health, prevention of early pregnancy, personal safety, sustainable living and growth in self-belief.

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7. Environmental Sustainability Internship, Livingstone, Zambia

Suited for: Anti-plastic enthusiasts, as well as those who don’t mind getting their hands dirty and care about the environment

What’s the bigger impact? Decrease plastic pollution and help local people find innovative ways to reuse, repurpose or recycle. Evidence of pollution is everywhere. Of the 78 million tons of plastic produced annually, 32% flows into our oceans. To put this into perspective, this is the equivalent of pouring one garbage truck of plastic into the ocean every minute. By 2030, this is expected to increase to two per minute. Fast-forward to 2050, and this could mean there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans.

To tackle this issue in Livingstone, Zambia – where discarded litter ultimately makes its way into the rivers that feed the Indian Ocean – we’ve recently launched a ground-breaking Plastic and Environmental Initiative. As part of this, we’re inviting interns to join us and work closely with Livingstone’s communities to devise waste management plans, educate children, and come up with strategies to recycle the plastic waste present in Livingstone. As one of the only programs of its kind in the world, interns gain unparalleled exposure to sustainability and international development issues, environmental pollution research and analysis, as well as social development initiatives.

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8. Social Work Internship, Cape Town, South Africa

Suited for: Individuals in the social and child care industry, and those who have big hearts and are crazy about kids

What’s the bigger impact? Aid children living in a foster care home, helping them ultimately find their way back into a family setting. Getting your foot in the door of the social work industry can be difficult, as is gaining practical, real-world experience. But by interning with our team in Cape Town, you’ll get the opportunity to gain unique insight into the day-to-day running of a foster care facility that we have worked with for over five years.

The emergency foster care home’s main aim is to support abandoned and orphaned children in the area who are aged between zero and eight years old. On average, 60% of the children taken into the home are HIV+, so the first stage of the home’s process is to nurse the children back to mental and physical health. Once the children are considered stable, the resident social worker will look to recruit a foster family so the children can be reintroduced into a family environment.

During this internship, you will form part of the professional social work team at the emergency foster care home, with much of the work focusing on determining the children’ s development levels, as well as measuring and identifying key activities that contribute to the children’s basic development needs.

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9. Occupational Therapy Internship, Cape Town, South Africa


Suited for: Problem-solvers, cheerleaders, and those studying occupational therapy or other related fields

What’s the bigger impact? Improve the quality of life for children with physical disabilities, as well as the elderly, in Cape Town’s townships. In the spirit of 2019, we’d love for you to take a look back and appreciate the normal day-to-day functions of your body; your muscles and joints just work without you thinking about it. However, this is not the case for some of Cape Town’s population. There is a strong correlation between disability and poverty within South Africa; with a large impoverished population you can only imagine the amount of people living with disabilities, which may include physical or mental, and may be minor or severe. Factors such as income, traveling distance and education often make it more difficult for these members of the community to seek therapy.

This is why we have partnered with a number of inspiring facilities within Cape Town’s townships and now offer an extraordinary occupational therapy internship that will assist this population in healthy living. You’ll accompany professional occupational therapists to a number of centers in Cape Town, providing care for children living with physical disabilities, as well as elderly members of the community who have lost many of their family members to HIV.

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10. Photography Internship, Greater Kruger Area, South Africa


Suited for: Both budding and professional photographers, those people who feel more comfortable behind the camera

What’s the bigger impact? Have your photographs used for conservation efforts across the world and feed into animal identification databases. We’ve all had our jaw drop to the floor as we scroll past an impossibly beautiful photograph of an African lion on Instagram. We get the same feeling as we flick through the pages of National Geographic’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year. For some of us, that’s as close to the real thing as we’re ever going to get. Not for our photography interns.

Mentored by a professional photographer – who has graced the pages of Africa Geographic itself – interns join us a private reserve in South Africa, surrounded by the continent’s most spectacular wildlife. You will learn not only about wildlife photography, but how to work as part of a team who are focused on, and in tune with, global issues. While learning how to get that perfect shot, or developing your existing skills, the images that you will contribute will raise public awareness towards wildlife decline, habitat loss, cultural conservation and human-wildlife conflict.

We look forward to seeing your Nat Geo exhibition in 2020.

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