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My name is Felicity, and I am one of the Destination Specialists at African Impact. Although I began this role very recently, my journey with African Impact initially began over 3 years ago, when I made the decision to explore Africa as a volunteer.

As a continent, Africa had always intrigued me. There was (and still is) something truly magical and unparalleled about it. No other continent offers such diversity in landscapes, people and culture.

I had a small introduction to this incredible place, during a school expedition to Malawi, working with a children’s foundation, building and renovating classrooms. It was during this trip, that we went on safari.

This was my first time experiencing the magnificent African elephant, roaming freely in the wild. It was simply incredible, and it was in that moment, that I decided I need to see more of this continent.

volunteer up-close encounter with an elephant in Africa

From my trip to Malawi, I realised that it was African wildlife I was most passionate about and I had a true desire to witness more of this and more of Africa. After being mesmerised by the stunning African landscapes and exquisite wildlife; Southern Africa was my calling. Africa has a funny way of ingraining itself into your heart and soul (as cringe as it sounds, believe me, you’ll know the feeling once you come to Africa). I remember someone once telling me that once you experience Africa, you will never want to leave. Never have I experienced something to be so true!

lions in the wilds of Africa
leopard in the wilds of Africa

So, with this curiosity in mind, I began my gap year, which has turned out to be my career and dream job!

I chose to volunteer with African Impact because I wanted practicality, reassurance and the opportunity to meet amazing people while having an incredible time. African Impact projects ticked all these boxes. Also have a look at the Special offers Africa Impact offer.

The practicality was knowing everything was organised for me. No hidden costs or having to make last minute plans. I arrived at the airport, and from there, I was taken care of. As a solo, female traveller this was very important to me and put my mind at ease so I could focus on enjoying myself.

The reassurance was knowing I was going to be able to experience what it was I came to Africa for, in an organised and inclusive way. What I really loved was the variety on offer and the all-encompassing nature of the program.

What made my experience, quite literally, the best experience of my life, was the people I met from all corners of the globe. Some of my best friends to this day, I met while volunteering in Africa. There is something about meeting like-minded people, who not only build your experience, but also become assets in your life.

I’ve never been one to follow the straight and narrow path; I’ve also wanted to have those ‘out of the box’ experiences. My desire to explore and learn about another part of the world is how my passion for Africa bloomed and ultimately, how I discovered what it was I wanted to do with my life.

Now, I am lucky enough to spend my days sharing my experiences with those who are wanting to follow a similar path and experience Africa in a unique, immersive and impactful way.

Our key principles at African Impact: making a meaningful impact and having an amazing time while doing so. It’s all about getting to do those unforgettable, once in a lifetime experiences, while directly contributing towards wildlife conservation and community development.

This combination of fun and impact is what makes the experience completely incomparable. The feeling that you are actively playing your part but having a blast while doing so.

If you are looking for an amazing opportunity to explore the very best of Africa – its people and wildlife – in a secure and social way, while making a meaningful difference, look no further. It was the best decision I ever made!

wildlife photography volunteer taking pictures of elephants

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