Welcoming our First Girl Impact Volunteer in Zambia

Alison Vorsatz is from the USA and was the first volunteer on our new Girl Impact and Gender Empowerment Project in Zambia (to apply to the project simply search it in the top right hand corner)! She arrived full of energy and great ideas and really launched the project in style. Below is a short story Alison wrote regarding an activity she led with her group which should hopefully give some of our other Girl Impact volunteers some great ideas!

“Our 10-12 year old girls here in Livingstone are in the 4th grade, but are reading and writing at a level closer to kindergarten. They attend our weekly Girl Impact program focused on girl empowerment, but we need to continually find ways to promote girl empowerment in their regular education as well.

In reading club the other day I created tracing and writing worksheets for them to practice twenty words that define empowered girls. It is essential that the girls are able to read, write and understand these attributes, so that they can strive to embody them, and also learn to celebrate and respect them in other girls.

My 4th graders loved the exercise, and after learning the meanings, they couldn’t wait to show me what their favorite empowered girl qualities were.

The younger girls saw what was happening and started coming over to watch the older girls write, and they also wanted to learn the words and practice writing them. Next the boys were asking what we were writing, and when I explained, they said they wanted to learn to write words about girls, too. Then all of them were doing the exercise, and we had girls and boys learning together about positive, empowering words to describe girls.

At the end of the session I asked my 4th grade girls to choose in a few words what type of empowered girl they wanted to be. They decided on ambitious, brave, respected and kind.

That sounds like an amazing example of an empowered girl to me…”



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