Conservation Internships in Africa

Eager to gain professional experience in wildlife conservation while exploring Africa’s stunning parks? Join one of our conservative internships at African Impact!

Combining hands-on research opportunities, journeys through the African-bush and incredible adventures, this is the ultimate way to start your career in environmental or wildlife conservation. Here’s everything you need to know before starting your conservation intern adventure with us!

What’s the difference between an intern and a volunteer?

First, why join an African Impact conservation program?

As an African-based company, we live and breathe incredible volunteer and internship programs in Africa. All of our conservation programs, for interns and volunteers alike, are designed in collaboration with local communities, putting sustainable development at the heart of the experience. We are passionate about providing action-packed adventures that are not only a transformative experience for you but make tangible, measurable, and sustainable impacts on Africa’s incredible wildlife and people.

How do our conservation internships differ from volunteer programs?

Where our internships differ from our volunteer conservation projects is the depth of high-impact research you’ll conduct. Our conservation internships immerse participants in Africa’s unique parks, where opportunities for innovative ecology research lie around every corner.

While these experiences offer the same opportunities to engage in sustainable conservation work, build meaningful relationships, and have an action-packed adventure, joining a conservation internship means more chances to customize your experience to gain invaluable professional experience in the field of conservation.

These internships are thoughtfully designed for those looking to explore conservation careers, gain valuable research experience, discover innovative solutions to local conservation issues, and have an incredible African adventure!

How can conservation internships help your career?

As a conservation intern, you’ll have unique opportunities to conduct valuable scientific exploration in your placement location. These internships are highly customizable, allowing you to examine a species of interest or dip your toes into many facets of wildlife conservation! In addition to being an invaluable work experience to highlight on your CV and opening up job opportunities in this exciting industry, here are a few of the ways these exciting internship projects can help your career in conservation!

Research Opportunities

Intensive Single-Species Research

During your conservation intern placement, you’ll practice various professional wildlife research techniques while exploring the African bush! On our Facilitated Wildlife Research Internship in the Greater Kruger Area, your in-depth conservation ecology research will focus on a single species of your choosing.

Using techniques including QGIS, camera trapping, wildlife mapping and more, you’ll spend your days out in the heart of the Kruger area studying your species’ behaviour, health, and population figures. After exciting days out on game drives, you’ll analyze your findings and turn them into professional, scientific reports. These reports will then be given to partner reserves and NGOs, supporting long-term conservation efforts and research for your species! This immersive research experience is invaluable for anyone looking to stand out among their peers in conservation careers.

Rewilding and Biodiversity Research

If you would rather conduct broader conservation ecology research, embark on our Rewilding, Reserve Management, and Sustainability Internship program in Namibia! You’ll join conservation researchers in the Oana Nature Reserve, working to turn areas once devastated by over-farming and trophy hunting into flourishing ecosystems where local wildlife can thrive.

Additional to participating in physical rewilding work, you’ll join extensive biodiversity research projects in this region, exploring the distribution, health, and populations of known species, and perhaps even discover new ones! Applying unique conservation techniques such as horned adder VHF tracking and mist netting for birds, this is an incredible opportunity to develop skills in a wide variety of ecology analysis methods that’ll be essential to your future career in conservation.

Full-time support to achieve your professional goals

Helping you get the most out of your internship, you’ll work closely with three African Impact support staff. These unique supports are committed to supporting you in achieving your personal and professional goals during your internship and beyond!

At your placement, you’ll work closely with a trained expert and professional researcher in your field. This expert will add an invaluable amount of depth to your experience, deepening your understanding of conservation challenges in Africa and sharing valuable knowledge they’ve developed throughout their professional adventures.

Additionally, you’ll join in regular meetings with a professional development coach and academic trainer. Engaging in personal conversations with your professional development coach, you’ll explore ways to enhance your intern experience and pursue your professional conservation goals. Your academic trainer will help you turn your extensive field analysis into professional reports to inform conservation decisions in the area.

These supports will ensure the benefits of your internship continue long after you leave your placement, setting you up for success when pursuing jobs in this impact-driven sector!

How much can you earn as a Conservation intern?

The benefits of an unpaid internship with African Impact

At African-Impact, we offer award-winning unpaid internships that provide interns with the personal and professional development adventures of a lifetime. If you are eager for an immersive international internship but hesitant to pay, we completely understand!

Our internship fees cover a variety of unique benefits and life-changing experiences. Professionally, these help us provide interns with full-time expert support and valuable networking opportunities, allowing interns to pursue their professional goals in exciting and unique ways! On a personal level, these costs allow interns to truly immerse themselves in local communities, where incredible cultural exchanges occur around every corner. Logistically, your fees will cover your comfortable accommodations, regular meals, and full-time support from African Impact staff, who live and work with you to ensure you have the best experience possible.

If you have more questions about where your fees go or why we believe that unpaid internships can offer the experience of a lifetime, please visit the following page, Why Intern with African Impact? Additionally, if you have further questions, we’d be happy to answer them! Click here to contact us.

How to apply for a Conservation Internship?

Eager to join a conservation internship? Here’s how you can apply to join one of these exciting programs!

First, visit our project pages above to explore the programs we currently offer. If you find an internship program that suits your interests, needs, and goals, scroll to the bottom of the page to choose your dates and apply. Once you’ve applied, one of our Enrollment Managers will be in touch to answer any additional questions you may have and finalize your application, securing your place on one of our conservation internship projects. Get ready for an epic adventure – we can’t wait for you to join us!

Top Conservation Internships – In Alphabetical Order

Conservation Internships at African Impact

Currently, we offer two exciting conservation internships in Africa! Click below to explore each project page and learn about the unique conservation intern experiences these programs offer!


Need some help in Securing your Dream Conservation job?

Looking for your dream conservation internship placement? We’d be happy to discuss and explore if our programs are right for you! You can click here to contact us.



Rewilding, reserve management and sustainability internship in Africa. This internship in Namibia offers a rare opportunity to gain experience in three integral areas of wildlife conservation: rewilding, reserve management, and permaculture.
from $1,750$8,000


Join our research team in the Greater Kruger Area, in South Africa, and gain professional experience in a conservation-driven research initiative and wildlife internship. This unique personal development opportunity will allow you to design-your-own field research placement around an African species of your choosing. 
from £3,295£4,295