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Are you looking for a wildlife conservation project abroad? We invite you to venture to South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, or Namibia for a wildlife volunteering experience of a lifetime. Because let’s face it – when it comes to wildlife, it doesn’t get much better than Africa. You can observe lions and leopards for research purposes, assist expert field guides in hands-on conservation work, study elephants and rhinos, or work hands-on with wildlife at a sanctuary. You can even contribute to conservation on horseback – or through wildlife photography. Whichever wildlife conservation volunteer program you choose, you’re in for a true wilderness adventure with an impact.

Highlights of our wildlife conservation volunteer projects in Africa:

  • Contribute to the protection of African wildlife through research, ecosystem restoration, or rescue and rehabilitation projects
  • Have the unique opportunity of living in the African bush, surrounded by animals such as lions, elephants, buffalos, and rhinos
  • Pick a project that allows you to use your skills, and learn a great deal about wildlife conservation at the same time
  • Enjoy the support of expert field teams of guides, researchers, conservationists, and project manager
  • Get up close with incredible animals on a daily basis, and call this a work day

Wildlife Conservation Volunteer Projects Gallery

African Impact's Top Rated Wildlife Conservation Projects in Africa

Join African Impact's most popular volunteer project, the African Big 5 Wildlife Conservation project, in the Greater Kruger Area, and assist our expert field guides and research team in various tasks contributing to wildlife research and conservation.

Greater Kruger Area, South Africa

Every second Sunday

Impact: Wildlife Conservation

When you volunteer in Kenya you will join our expert team on the edge of the Maasai Mara National Reserve. This is a rare chance to conduct wildlife research on three of Africa’s big cats– lions, leopards, and cheetahs. This volunteer program gives you a unique opportunity to volunteer in the wilds of Eastern Africa. 

Maasai Mara, Kenya

Every second Monday

Impact: Wildlife Conservation

Join our passionate team at a wildlife rehabilitation, rescue and release centre in the Greater Kruger Area of South Africa. Here you will help care for rescued, injured, and lost wildlife and rehabilitate these animals, with the goal of releasing them back where they belong.

Greater Kruger Area, South Africa

Every Second Sunday

Impact: Animal Care

Frequently asked questions about our Wildlife Conservation Projects in Africa

When it comes to wildlife volunteering, Africa is unbeatable. From the golden grasslands of the Greater Kruger Area in South Africa to Namibia’s impressive mountain ranges, Africa is home to some of the most stunning wildlife parks on the planet.

From the smallest bee to the largest giraffe, the diversity of species in these parks is genuinely extraordinary. We believe travelling to Africa as a wildlife conservation volunteer is one of the best ways to experience the stunning natural wonders the African continent has to offer.

We currently offer wildlife conservation projects in four countries: South Africa, Kenya, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. In total, we run nine conservation projects.

Each of these unique programs offers exciting opportunities to volunteer abroad with animals and sustainably make a difference in their protection. From our Big 5 and Wildlife Conservation Project in South Africa to our Big Cat Wildlife Research Program in Kenya, all our volunteer projects focus on supporting long-term reserve management and wildlife conservation of Africa’s stunning creatures.

As an African-based organization, we live and breathe African volunteer travel. It’s in our blood, and we believe these four destinations offer volunteers the wildlife conservation experience of a lifetime. Whether you join us as a volunteer on one of our animal care projects or as a wildlife conservation volunteer for endangered species conservation, we are passionate about providing our volunteers with the best experience possible!

Conservation volunteer programs are an extraordinary opportunity to secure the future of at-risk wildlife. Many of the wildlife species we work with on projects, like the Black Rhinos of our Zimbabwe programs, are endangered or vulnerable. Here’s a brief overview of how you can volunteer abroad to support African wildlife, including endangered animals, on our projects!

Data Collection and Research

Our data collection programs take you on game drives into the heart of Africa’s landscapes, where you’ll have unforgettable encounters with African animals and wildlife. Here, you’ll record essential data on their health, migration patterns and behaviours. Working with our research team, you’ll add your observations to databases that are foundational to informing sustainable conservation efforts.

Physical Conservation Projects

Time to get your hands dirty in volunteer work! On our projects there are always plenty of rewarding volunteer opportunities to practice physical wildlife conservation techniques. These modest conservation tasks, such as removing invasive species, significantly improve wildlife habitats and support healthy populations.

Community Education

Our wildlife conservation programs often integrate volunteer opportunities to participate in community education campaigns. Through these programs, volunteers will collaborate with locals to raise awareness for the importance of wildlife conservation. Community education is an incredible way to share your passion for conservation with the next generation of environmentalists!

Animal Care

Calling all animal lovers! Volunteering in animal care is a life-changing experience that’ll make massive impacts on local wildlife’s health. On programs like our Wildlife Rehabilitation Project in South Africa, your volunteer work will consist of caring for impaired wildlife, with the ultimate goal of rehabilitating animals to release back into the wild.

Absolutely! We believe volunteering with animals is a bucket-list experience that should be accessible to all. If you have a passion for wildlife, are eager to make a difference in animal conservation, and want the ultimate African adventure – our animal conservation programs are right for you!

Generally, our wildlife volunteer opportunities don’t require any previous experience or education. Before you leave, our Destination Specialists will discuss program fees, share important info about your project, and make sure you are ready for your adventure.

All volunteers do intensive training before starting their conservation program to prepare them for their volunteer duties properly. We also discuss exciting info about your destination during training, including the community culture, history of the area, and volunteer opportunities available on-site!

Volunteering with animals is an extraordinary way to experience authentic African travel, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. An African Impact conservation program will take participants into the heart of sustainable conservation work, where wildlife volunteering can get a bit messy! To have the best experience, we encourage volunteers to come with an open mind, positive attitude, and enthusiasm to get their hands dirty!

We firmly believe that conservation wildlife volunteering can transform the lives of humans and wildlife alike – including you, the volunteer! Joining a wildlife conservation volunteer program is the experience of a lifetime. When you give your time as a conservation volunteer abroad, you receive so much in return.

Making an impact

Being a volunteer in wildlife conservation is a gift. Your time as a volunteer abroad will transform you as a person. Not only will your volunteer work during your project improve the lives of our animal friends, but you’ll leave more empathetic, knowledgable and experienced!

Life-long memories

Joining us as a wildlife volunteer for a conservation project will also be an action-packed adventure! Our wildlife programs leave plenty of time to participate in exciting activities between project work. White-water raft the Panorama Route of South Africa or relax with fellow volunteers on Kenya’s stunning beaches. On our volunteer projects, there are opportunities for everyone to have the ultimate African travel experience. When you volunteer abroad with us, you’ll create the memories and relationships that last a lifetime!

Protect Ecosystems

Right now, Africa’s ecosystems are under intense threat. As a result of human actions, almost half of Africa’s wildlife is at risk for extinction in the next century. Conservation volunteer projects are essential for protecting Africa’s beautiful wildlife against these risks.

Ecosystems thrive when there is high biodiversity. Essentially, the more species of wildlife found in a given area, the healthier that whole ecosystem is. When you join a program as a wildlife volunteer, you are integral in conservation efforts that ensure these species can thrive! Even the smallest tasks done by a volunteer can have a massive impact on protecting wildlife populations and entire ecosystems.

Support Local Economies

In Africa, wildlife conservation supports healthy economies. Over 7% of Africa’s total GDP comes from tourism, with much of this being wildlife tourism. Tourism increases job opportunities for locals and can ultimately make a difference in a community’s economic well-being.

Healthy wildlife populations mean more tourists visiting Africa’s parks. If countries began to experience a notable decrease in wildlife, tourism to national parks would drop significantly, causing many locals to lose precious income. Conservation volunteer abroad programs can support local economies by protecting the wildlife tourism that many locals rely on for income.

Ready to make an impact in wildlife conservation? Visit our volunteer program pages to find out everything you need to know to get started!

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Volunteer Reviews of our Wildlife Conservation Volunteer Projects
“I stayed at Umoya for 2 weeks and I would highly recommend volunteering at the centre. The owner and staff are so dedicated to the animals and their release. I had an incredible experience and learnt a lot about animal welfare. I have memories I will never forget. Thank you!”

Becky Emily

Wildlife Rehabilitation Rescue and Release

“African Impact was amazing. Everything about the experience was great. The staff, guides, and people were wonderful. We saw all of the Big 5 on our game drives and really learned a lot about the animals as well. This was my 4th trip to Africa but my first experience with a volunteer organization. I'm definitely looking at coming back again. I would highly recommend African Impact to anyone that wants to combine giving back along with having a great safari experience.”

Gary Bauer, UK

African Big 5 & Wildlife Conservation


Melissa Hanlan, USA

Big Cat Wildlife Research & Conservation

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