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Why choose African Impact instead of Peace Corps?

Volunteering in Africa is one of the most rewarding experiences there is. The people, culture and iconic landscapes sets Africa apart from the rest of the world. Many people dream of volunteering in Africa. But when they do, the first thing that comes to mind when they’re thinking of volunteering abroad is the Peace Corps. There are other alternatives that offer the experience of a lifetime. Alongside this, lots of them allow volunteers the flexibility and freedom they need to make a difference on their volunteer travel experience abroad.

A government-funded initiative, the Peace Corps facilitates volunteering abroad for individuals on the basis of a two-year commitment. However, dedicating this length of time can be daunting or impractical and they look no further. Nevertheless, there are countless other volunteer abroad opportunities available. Because many Peace Corps programs require a level of qualification or skill, many volunteers may feel limited to what they can do while abroad.

If you’ve always wanted to volunteer in the Peace Corps, but find it’s not quite right for you, then African Impact can offer incredible options for Peace Corps alternatives! Short-term volunteering and internship programs have countless benefits. These provide a great alternative to Peace Corps volunteering, with added bonuses.

What volunteering with African Impact can offer you instead of other organizations?

Our volunteering programs give you:

  • Flexibility, allowing you to choose what works for you
  • Shorter commitment time, no need to feel tied down
  • Freedom of choice, its up to you to choose what you want to do
  • Vast area of opportunities, a chance to find out what you really love
  • The Internship Alternative, striking a balance between the two
  • All inclusive locations with 24/7 support from local staff

Firstly, Peace Corps volunteer placements are set in stone. Although this provides volunteers with a great length of time to immerse themselves in their work, it is restrictive. Volunteers must abide by the schedules and framework of the organization. The departure dates are fix and non-changeable, therefore may be inconvenient. 

At African Impact, our programs run year-round on-the-ground. So, its up to you when you come and volunteer! Individuals have extensive opportunities to volunteer. Whether in schools as teaching volunteers, contributing to conservation as research volunteers or working to benefit the community. Additionally, we don’t set our minimum age limit to 18 years old, as the many organizations do. If you are 17 years old, with parents permission, you can come and join us on one of our many outstanding projects. Furthermore, you can be from any country or any nationality, and meet incredible people from all corners of the world.

volunteers teaching vulnerable children in Kenya

Two years is a long time to spend abroad. Often, this time commitment is impossible for volunteers with commitments at home. With African Impact, there is no two year commitment. Instead, we offer short-term volunteering opportunities. Therefore, volunteers can apply their skills and experience to make meaningful change in communities across Africa.              

African Impact offer the most flexible dates and rates as well as unique locations across Africa                          

Therefore, there is no need to dedicating years of your life to living abroad. Our programs are ideal for students who can volunteer during their holidays, or those with time off from work- who instead of just a holiday want to experience true volunteering. Your experience is tailored to suits you.       

Sports development volunteer opportunities
Sports Development is critical to poor societies and giving children access to sports to release energy and learn is a great way to build friendships

As a Peace Corps volunteer, the organization chooses a post that you must maintain for the duration of your placement. With African Impact, you are in control of choosing how long you want to volunteer in Africa for. It’s also up to you in which country and on which project. You can even choose to volunteer on a combo project and our specifically designed gap year programs. You can even travel between projects and countries for extended volunteer opportunities.

“Short term volunteering that allows volunteers to make a meaningful difference.”

Although Peace Corps offer a variety of different programs, the majority require a particular level of experience or qualifications. This therefore limits the programs to individuals who are already in that field of work. With African Impact, most of our projects do not require qualifications or experience. This allows volunteers the opportunity to try new things and find out what they are passionate for. 

Peace Corps Programs African Impact Alternatives
Duration 2+ years Flexible
Citizenship US citizens only Any
Age 18+ years 17+ (17 years must have parental permission)
Qualifications required Majority of programs require qualifications / experience in relevant field MOST projects do NOT require experience or qualifications. Please check for each project.
Type of project One post Combo projects available, Internships and Gap Years
Date of project Set, non changeable Flexible

Getting the best of both worlds is always rewarding. Therefore, internship opportunities with African Impact can strike a balance. Longer than simply short-term volunteering, but less time than volunteering with the Peace Corps. Internships can be three, six or even twelve months in duration. Interns consequently have the opportunity for cultural exchange, knowledge sharing and skill building that volunteers don’t have the time to make the most of. You have an ideal amount of time to fully embrace the project and the place, without the commitment that Peace Corps 

Volunteer teaching
Volunteers get to assist teachers and help get children more focused on the lesson and into small learning groups

We offer projects all over Africa. Our conservation and community care and development run across most of our destinations. From observing animals in the bush, to gaining valuable healthcare and medical experience by assisting with patient care within the clinics. So, we are bound to have a project which will suit you. 

“Most our project do not require qualifications, giving volunteers the chance to discover what they are passionate for.”

We have projects all over Southern and Eastern Africa, from Kenya down to Cape Town, each offering a range of different projects.  Whether you want to be by the sea, or within the heart of the African bush, we have something for everyone.

Explore more destinations and projects that suit your interests.

“As an Intern, you have the ideal amount of time to embrace the place and project.”

Volunteer and children doing ecobricking conservation work
Volunteers help and teach children how to be responsible and recycle their plastic waste

Our dedicated destination specialists will be on hand to guide you through the booking process. You can contact them as you wish and will be provided with a volunteer’s portal, to make the process simple and straightforward.

Firstly decide which project(s) or destination(s) suit you and then click “Apply” at the top of the page. A destination manger will then get in touch answering all your questions and enquiries for complete peace of mind before making any decisions.

Choose African Impact for your next Volunteer Abroad program today, no one else compares to our level of expertise in Africa.

Run and funded by the United States government, the Peace Corps offers volunteer programs with the intention of helping people understand American culture. Volunteers, who are over the age of 18 years old and are a US citizen, with a particular level of qualification or experience, work abroad for 2 years with a 3 month training period. They typically assist with social and economical development programs. It can consequently mean making a lot of sacrifices, which many may be unwilling or unable to. At African Impact, we strive to provide volunteering that works for you.

Want some inspiration? Here are some of our top projects:

Volunteers in action painting the school
Volunteers painting the local school to provide a much welcomed environment for the kids.

Re-think the way you travel and take part in helping us to make a difference….Volunteer now with African

Whether you are a short-term volunteer or a passionate Peace Corps volunteer, we would love to hear what you have to say.

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