Calling all future volunteers! Have you booked – or thinking of booking – a volunteer placement on one of our community projects in St Lucia/Zululand, South Africa? If so, take a read of our top tips from those who have already been there!

African Impact: Is there anything you would like to share with future volunteers coming to this project?”

Kirsty, UK: “If anyone who’s just arrived is feeling a little apprehensive or nervous, don’t worry! I was the exact same and I ended up having the most amazing time.”

Mariska, Netherlands: “The people here have made my trip even more amazing, they have taught me that a smile can make a very big difference. Always keep smiling.”

Daniel, Australia: “Don’t underestimate monkeys – they look cute, but will kill you – they sell slingshots at Banana Box. Only 15 Rand. It is a good investment.”

Pete Lambert, Volunteer Coordinator: “Sometimes it’s tough, but you do make a difference in the communities, which I know is appreciated.”

Steph, UK: “If you’ve just arrived and are reading this (with a sense of anticipation over what’s to come) I’d say to you – throw everything you have at this project.  There’s opportunity here to help very special and deserving people in ways both small and large.”

Brittany, Canada: “I would suggest going on as many tours as possible as they were all amazing experiences and to go out and try as many things as possible.”

Olivia, USA: “Throw yourself in to everything you are asked to do. Remember that the team are there to support you and always ask questions!”

Lisa, Intern: “I think that it’s important to be aware of the impact that you are making and that things aren’t as hopeless as they seem. If they seem so, there is a way to make things better, you just have to be innovative.”

Katherine, UK:Please Please Please try this amazing experience!! I was very shy and nervous about coming out here but honestly everything has been perfect have felt so comfortable and everything is just great!”

Derek, USA: “To the newbies – continue to work hard in your projects. You are all dedicated and prepared to carry on with such amazing projects – both community and medical.”

Kate, Canada: “Always take an opportunity to help someone in need because that small act of kindness can stretch on for a lifetime. It may be a small act for you but in turn it can change someone’s day or life.”

Laura, USA:  “Set small goals for yourself and celebrate your triumphs even if you may not feel you’re making a difference in the big picture. The important thing is that you try your hardest to impact the program and every person around you.”

Rebecca, USA: “Keep an open mind and maintain a positive attitude. The experience is what you make of it and you can truly make a difference!”

Beatrice, Sweden: “If you’re considering it – do it! It has changed my outlook on life and I carry with me a piece of the communities at all times. I’m so happy with everything accomplished!”

Matt, USA: “Have an open mind and try to get on almost every project, because they are all incredible experiences, and shine a different light on the living situations within the villages near St. Lucia.”

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