What We Care About

We found no better way to describe what African Impact cares about than from our founder, Greg:

“In recent years, African Impact stopped being simply a volunteer enterprize and started being a collective representation of something more than just an organization or brand. It was subtle at first; when I used to visit our projects, volunteers would say, “I have this idea that I think could help African Impact”. This has turned to, “I have this idea which is so African Impact”. If something didn’t feel right, it used to be, “Something isn’t working, but we can’t put our finger on it”. This is now, “The way we are doing this is just not African Impact”.

Reflecting on this, I wondered what people perceive as the African Impact way. We know what we have tried to build over the years; an organization that provides exceptional experiences to our volunteers, whilst serving the communities we work with by making a genuine impact but, we’re starting to go further. I believe that we’ve begun to represent a set of values and a mind-set.

These values are honesty, transparency and always doing the right thing, while having fun, exploring and growing. In the face of increasing negativity about volunteering abroad, we’re creating a culture that strives to be the best, not the biggest. Admittedly, we don’t always get it right, but our process leads to constant change and development. It brings people on a journey with us that ensures everyone we work with feels part of the team.”

African Impact’s founder, Greg Bows

“You don’t get to just be “African Impact”, you can’t just buy the badge. You need to aspire to the values the organization represents. It’s been an almost unspoken, collaborative journey that we’ve defined as Beyond Volunteering.”

How does African Impact go #BeyondVolunteering?