Kruger Quest & Beyond


Embark on a 5 week long expedition into South Africa and Eswatini, formerly known as Swaziland. This adventure project combines exploration and adventure with impact within communities and wildlife conservation.

You will explore the diversity of two culturally rich countries, witnessing the African sunrise and sunset, the sights and sounds of the bush, the vibe of the communities you mix with and the sheer splendor of the natural landscapes around you.

Mix with other volunteers who share a deep, mutual respect and appreciation for the natural world. Form lasting bonds united by a shared commitment to safeguarding Africa’s communities and natural heritage. By the end of the project, you will depart with a profound sense of accomplishment, knowing that your contributions have made a tangible difference for future generations.

Project Highlights

  • Day 1 – 8. Stay with community members near Hoedspruit where you will work on a small build project, driven by a shared sense of purpose and a desire to make a tangible difference. Whether constructing a playground for children, creating a community garden, or building sustainable infrastructure, you will contribute to positive change in the community.
  • Day 9 – 14. Hike and explore the world’s third largest canyon, the Blyde River Canyon, under the guidance of your seasoned guide. As you traverse the undulating landscapes of the canyon, you will pass hidden waterfalls cascading down sheer cliffs, lush vegetation teeming with diverse wildlife, and panoramic views that stretch to the horizon.
  • Day 15 – 29. Monitor wildlife populations and collect valuable data on animal behavior with our African Impact team in the heart of the Greater Kruger area. Assist with habitat restoration efforts in the form of alien species removal, or even join anti-poaching snare sweeps. Each day is filled with hands-on conservation activities, guided by experienced staff who share their expertise and passion for protecting Africa’s iconic Big 5 species.
  • Day 30 – 35. Your last week is all about exploring further afield and being a tourist. On this exciting trip you will be transported in a minibus with your experienced guide. You will begin by visiting the Kruger National Park for 2 nights, followed by crossing into the Kingdom of Eswatini for 4 nights. During your stay, you will immerse yourself in Eswatini’s rich cultural heritage, participating in traditional dance performances, visiting local markets, and learn about Swazi customs and traditions from friendly locals.

Quick Facts

South Africa & Eswatini

Hoedspruit Airport

13 October 2024

5 weeks

Impact: Wildlife Conservation

$4375 / £3495 for 5 weeks


This project will take you to various destinations in the Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces of South Africa and into the neighboring landlocked country of Eswatini. Immerse yourself in the untamed majesty of the Greater Kruger area of South Africa, a vast expanse of over 20 private reserves seamlessly woven together. Bordering the iconic Kruger National Park, this landscape pulsates with life, serving as a sanctuary for an extraordinary array of species—from the majestic lion to the vulnerable rhinoceros and the endangered African wild dog. Finally, visit the Kingdom of Eswatini, a country of rolling uplands and wide, well-watered valleys. Eswatini boasts magnificent mountain scenery, rivers, waterfalls, gorges, rainforests, and ancient rock formations. The Swazi people are known for their friendliness and warmth, making visitors feel truly welcome, while the country itself is renowned for its safety.


Your expedition begins outside of Hoedspruit, where you will stay in a basic tented camp within a vibrant community area, working on various community-building projects. Next, you’ll embark on a hiking journey through the majestic Blyde River Canyon, promising unparalleled adventure and breathtaking vistas at every turn. You’ll carry your own tents and essential supplies packed snugly on your backs. After completing the five-day trek, you will be transported to African Impact’s Greater Kruger base. This base offers volunteers a unique and immersive experience in the heart of one of South Africa’s most iconic wilderness areas. The accommodation combines comfort with an authentic bush feel, providing a cozy and welcoming retreat after your long trek. Crossing the border into Eswatini, you’ll stay at Sondzela Backpackers, a tranquil retreat within the scenic Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary.

All meals during your 5 week long expedition will be catered for. In some locations, the cooking will be done for you, whilst in others you will be required to cook your own food. We can cater for dietary requirements provided enough notice is given to our team.

South Africa has a few different cellular network providers, for which SIM cards can be purchased from most shops or at the airport. Various package options allow for phone calls and/or data usage. At the African Impact Greater Kruger base there is free WiFi to enable you to make contact with home, as well as at the Sondzela Backpackers in Eswatini.

October to April (summer in the southern hemisphere) most days will be hot and humid. In the middle of summer, temperatures can often reach 34°C+ (93°F+), and the sun is strong. 

Most days are clear and sunny, with heavy showers or thunderstorms in the early evenings. You will need a waterproof jacket.

Participant Requirements


Our minimum age for participation in this project is 18.

To embark on this project, a relatively moderate level of fitness is required as you will be hiking between 10 – 15 kilometers per day. Some sections of the hike will be strenuous as you conquer the mountainous terrain of the Blyde River Canyon. Whilst you will be guided on this hike by a skilled professional, it is important to remember that you will be hiking in a group and will be required to keep a relatively similar pace to those of your fellow volunteers for the most enjoyable experience.

To travel to South Africa and enter into Eswatini, many people are required to obtain a visa either upon entry to the relevant country or beforehand. Please note different countries require different passport validity periods. But don’t panic, our Journey Team will help direct you and answer your questions during our pre-departure process.

Project Impact Areas


Whether constructing a playground for children, creating a community garden, or building sustainable infrastructure, you will contribute to positive change in the community. You will work alongside local community members sharing skills, stories, and laughter as you leave your lasting mark on improving their community.


This is where you will see the impact on yourself. Put your character to the test when you step out of your comfort zone and embark on your 5 day hike through the Blyde River Canyon, carrying your own supplies, cooking on an open fire and camping underneath the night sky. You’ll develop life skills along the way and return home with a sense of immense accomplishment.


Enjoy daily game drives and witness the awe-inspiring spectacle of wildlife in the Greater Kruger area. Your role as a volunteer extends beyond observation. Through data collection and monitoring of animal populations and behaviors, you’ll contribute directly to vital conservation efforts. You will engage in physical conservation work, where you’ll have the opportunity to get your hands dirty and make a tangible difference, transforming the landscape back into a healthy habitat where wildlife can flourish.

On-the-ground Project Support



A friendly face from our Base Team will be ready to meet you at the airport and drive you to our Volunteer Accommodation. Just look out for the African Impact sign!



On arrival you’ll have a comprehensive induction to prepare you for project work, the local culture, people and wildlife; and of course, how to stay safe!



24/7 support: Our base teams are on hand every day to make sure you have the most amazing and memorable time in Africa.




This organization devotes its efforts to rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing orphaned wild rhino calves. These orphaned calves typically come into the centre as a result of their mothers having been poached for the rhino horn trade. Not only does Rhino Revolution care for these motherless calves, they also support critical rhino dehorning operations in the surrounding area.


Set off on an adventure through the African bush, trading your seat in the game viewer for a seat on a quad bike. These guided quad bike tours can last between 1 – 3 hours, offering you a unique perspective from which to view wildlife. You’ll be sure to drive amongst wildebeest and giraffes.


From our base in the Greater Kruger area, you will be able to embark on a 15 minute or 1 hour long helicopter charter. The 1 hour long flight will take you back to the Blyde River Canyon where you will be able to marvel at the terrains you hiked over – this time from above!



After completing the below application form, one of our Destination Specialists will get in touch to discuss your volunteer experience and any questions you may have. When you are ready to book, we will send you a booking form after which a deposit will be required to secure your position.


Personal Information


When do you want to Volunteer or Intern?


Give us an idea of your travel plans, you can also say ‘I’m not sure yet.’ 
We’ll take it from there.


How long do you want to Volunteer or Intern for?


Select your preferred duration(s). The African Impact team recommend at least 4 weeks for a truly memorable experience!


$4375 / £3495 for 5 weeks. 


  • Accommodation throughout your stay
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner (Mon – Sun)
  • Airport transfers on arrival and departure
  • All project transport, equipment and resources
  • Support from experienced local and international African Impact staff
  • Full orientation for responsible project contribution


  • Price excludes flights, visas, insurance, weekend tours and personal expenses
  • Participants will be required to bring their own sleeping bag, pillow and roll-up mattress



Witness the positive impact of your efforts, embrace the warmth of the South African people, and broaden your horizons through cultural immersion. Develop valuable life skills, forge lasting connections, and discover hidden passions. Return home transformed, with a deeper appreciation for the world and a renewed sense of purpose. Choose African Impact for a well-organized, impactful experience that goes beyond volunteering – it’s a journey of self-discovery and lasting positive change.

To embark on this project, a relatively moderate level of fitness is required as you will be hiking between 10 – 15 kilometers per day. Some sections of the hike will be strenuous as you conquer the mountainous terrain of the Blyde River Canyon. Whilst you will be guided on this hike by a skilled professional, it is important to remember that you will be hiking in a group and will be required to keep a relatively similar pace to those of your fellow volunteers for the most enjoyable experience.

No prior experience is required! What truly matters is your enthusiasm for South African wildlife and a willingness to learn. So, if you’re eager to immerse yourself in the world of wildlife conservation, don’t let a lack of experience hold you back!

The African Big 5 include the following iconic animals:

  • Lion: The king of the jungle, renowned for its powerful roar and social structure.
  • Leopard: A solitary and elusive predator known for its stealth and agility.
  • Elephant: The largest land mammal on Earth, characterized by its impressive size, intelligence, and social bonds.
  • Rhinoceros: A powerful herbivore with thick skin and a distinctive horn, facing significant threats due to poaching.
  • Cape buffalo: A large, aggressive herd animal with impressive horns, often considered dangerous due to its unpredictable nature.

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