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Use your sports skills for good during a sports coaching volunteer project in Africa! Sports can be a fun and effective way to boost children’s health and teach important life lessons, but in many African communities, the options for learning sports are limited. Based on this, our sports volunteer programs in Zambia and South Africa are aimed at uplifting the lives of children in underprivileged communities, and nurturing talent. If you share our passion for sports, join one of these sports volunteering opportunities and enjoy a rewarding travel experience while offering valuable physical exercise to kids that need it.

Highlights of our sports  volunteer projects in Africa:

  • Use your love of sports for good, and uplift the lives of children in South Africa or Zambia
  • Teach self-confidence, team work, and the importance of physical exercise through games and sports
  • Be based in Cape Town or Livingstone; both stunning and versatile destinations with excellent travel opportunities
  • Live in a comfortable volunteer house with a community of driven people from around the world
  • Enjoy guidance and support around the clock from our African Impact team

African Impact's Top Rated Sports Projects in Africa

from $1,495$4,695
Provide much-needed sports coaching to children in Cape Town’s townships. Physical education brings many health benefits and helps kids develop important teamwork and communication skills, but sports opportunities are limited so requires a lot of creativity and enthusiasm. As a volunteer, you’ll help teach physical education sessions and coach children in various sports. 

Cape Town, South Africa

Every Second Monday

Impact: Sports Development

from $1,495$4,695
Put your passion for sports, fitness, wellness, and nutrition to great use as you educate and train school students in the villages of Livingstone, Zambia. With physical education not in the curriculum, limited resources, and a lack of skilled coaches, your input is vital to improving self-confidence, health, and life skills.

Livingstone, Zambia

Every Monday

Impact: Sports Development

Frequently asked questions about our Sports Programs in Africa

Why Sports?

Sports offer unique opportunities for youth to work together as a team to solve complex problems. This collaboration can develop behavioural skills that are critical to child development! Increased physical activity is proven to benefit a child’s physical health, mental well-being and academic performance. Further, after-school sports create a fun and engaging environment where youth can confidently grow, preventing them from joining dangerous activities like crime and substance abuse.

Sports in Africa

Unfortunately, a large portion of children in Africa does not have access to these opportunities. Almost 50% of children in Sub-Saharan Africa live in extreme poverty, where communities cannot access the resources needed to run these programs. Across Africa, many public school systems do not offer physical education in their curriculum, and if they do provide it, these programs are often significantly underfunded.

Making an Impact

As a volunteer coach, you’ll get involved in bringing the rewarding benefits of physical activity to South African and Zambian youth who otherwise wouldn’t have access to sports programs.

Running sports programs in rural schools and assisting with local coaches for after-school clubs, you’ll empower young students to get excited about physical activity and health! During their project, volunteer coaches will collaborate with community members to develop new recreation programs for kids. These programs can inspire positive child development and encourage kids to engage in positive relationships with classmates. Working closely with your placement community, you’ll discover sustainable solutions to offering physical activities where resources are limited.

If you are looking to get involved in volunteer sports coaching, joining an African Impact project is an incredible way to start! Here are a few of the ways you can make an impact as a volunteer coach in Africa.

After School Programs

Volunteers will regularly have opportunities to participate in after-school programs for students. These programs are integral to providing safe and engaging environments where kids can participate in valuable physical activity! While their parents are working, after-school groups are an incredible place for youth to build essential interpersonal skills like leadership, teamwork, and communication. As a volunteer coach, you’ll help facilitate these programs by playing games, teaching new sports, and encouraging young kids’ growth.

Physical Education in Schools

During our sport coaching programs, volunteers will also have opportunities to teach sports with local coaches at schools! Bringing your unique skills and creativity, you’ll lead physical education programs at a variety of schools, getting kids moving and playing together. Resources at these schools are often limited, meaning creativity among volunteers is highly encouraged. Children love these programs, so we encourage volunteers to bring their positive energy and passion for youth development!

Coach a Specific Sport

If you have experience playing or coaching a specific sport, you can work with a team in a local league as an assistant coach. Working with a local team is an excellent opportunity to teach new skills and drills in a league setting! We work with various local sports organizations and NGOs, meaning there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in unique sport-specific leagues. Using your skillset in your sport, you’ll work with local coaches to run practice sessions for a local team, introduce new drills, and bring an international perspective to training.

Empowering Youth

One of the most meaningful ways volunteers impact their coaching programs is through their interactions with kids! Joining one of our coaching projects, volunteers have a unique opportunity to be good role models for local youth. Being an engaging, fun and supportive coach, you can be an inspiration for growing youth facing challenging circumstances, and potentially, transform a life.

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Volunteer Reviews of our Sports Volunteer Projects
“South Africa has been the best experience ever – African Impact has been life-changing! Sports volunteering was brilliant. The kids were a pleasure to coach and welcomed me with open arms. The coaches at the schools are doing a great job and I will miss them all greatly! I came to South Africa alone and was very nervous, but everyone did a fantastic job of making me feel this was my home. I’m leaving here feeling more than content and with a completely different outlook on life.”

Mollie Robbie, UK

Sports Coaching & Development, South Africa

“I had a tremendous 2 weeks working with the sports coaching and development project; the access to meaningful projects within local communities was excellent. Would certainly consider repeating this!”

Simon Martin, UK

Sports Coaching & Development, South Africa

“Overall, it was a great experience. I loved meeting and becoming friends with other volunteers who were all different ages and from different countries. Our coordinators were fun and approachable, and you could tell they were passionate about the different projects. Livingstone was awesome because I could ask to be on different projects, and they were very flexible and accommodating. The kids in the sport program were so quick at learning and a lot of fun to be around every day. I was able to make up my own activities and was trusted to run sessions with over 40 kids! Highly recommended!”

Justin Gates, Australia

Sport & Community Development - Zambia

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