Community Volunteer Programs in Africa


Africa is full of diverse and beautiful people. Unfortunately, as a result of poverty, many of these people live in appalling conditions and face daily challenges.

African Impact seeks to alleviate some of these challenges by implementing and supporting volunteer projects throughout Africa. These projects are run with the help of committed volunteers and are ideal for those wishing to spend some time travelling abroad. Volunteers will be placed in local communities and spend time working directly with the people and immerse themselves in the culture of the area.

Whether you’d prefer to teach Englishcoach a sports team or work alongside healthcare professionals, as a community volunteer in Africa, the opportunities to change lives are endless.

Ready to take the next step and find your volunteer program in Africa that is right for you? Below we answer some of the most commonly asked questions that we receive about our volunteering programs in Africa.

African Impact's Top Rated Community Projects in Africa

from $1,495$4,695
Whether you’re a pre-med student, qualified professional or someone interested in healthcare, join the African Impact team on this meaningful volunteer program in the heart of Zambia, a community where medical resources are scarce and access to healthcare is limited.

Livingstone, Zambia

Every Monday

Impact: Healthcare

from $2,195$5,395
Live the tropical island dream while teaching children at local schools, teaching adult English classes, promoting gender equality, assisting with local conservation initiatives, and using your skills to contribute to community development on the island of Zanzibar in Tanzania.


Every Second Monday

Impact: Teaching

from $1,495$4,695
Put your passion for sports, fitness, wellness, and nutrition to great use as you educate and train school students in the villages of Livingstone, Zambia. With physical education not in the curriculum, limited resources, and a lack of skilled coaches, your input is vital to improving self-confidence, health, and life skills.

Livingstone, Zambia

Every Monday

Impact: Sports Development

Frequently asked questions about our community volunteering programs in Africa

Africa is the second largest continent covering almost one fifth of the total land surface of the world which means it has numerous volunteer destinations where volunteering can occur. At African Impact we carefully select and negotiate with local communities in areas where we believe we can make a sustainable impact to the community as a whole including but not limited to the people, infrastructure and conservation.

Our community projects in Africa can be found in the following destinations :

  1. South Africa volunteer projects
  2. Zambia volunteer projects
  3. Tanzania volunteer projects
  4. Zanzibar volunteer projects
  5. Kenya volunteer projects

Some of the most popular community projects in Africa are the following :


If you can’t decide, don’t worry, we have specialists on all areas from destination to impact type to the accommodation required, you can submit an enquiry now and they will get back to within 24 hours!

All African Impact Community Volunteer Projects
Volunteer Reviews of our Community Volunteer Projects
“I had a great time being able to deliver care to people who need it most in rural Zambia. Home-based care is an effective way to provide the most basic needs that cannot be met otherwise. I also enjoyed the additional projects that involved teaching and playing sports. They were a pleasure.”

Andrew Merelman, USA

Medical & Community Development - Zambia

“My volunteer experience in this program was undeniably the greatest thing I have done in my life! The people I met were amazing, kind, helpful, and allowed me to have an unforgettable experience in Zambia. You immediately feel like part of the family when you start, and it only gets better the longer you stay!”

Kelley Elise Costa, USA

Teaching & Community Development, Zambia

“I had a tremendous 2 weeks working with the sports coaching and development project; the access to meaningful projects within local communities was excellent. Would certainly consider repeating this!”

Simon Martin, United Kingdom

Sports Coaching & Development, South Africa

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