If you missed the full story or bookmarked it for later, and want the quick overview on how Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage and Chimpanzee Sanctuary came into being, this handy timeline gives you the 4-1-1.

1983   David & Sheila Siddle received the first baby chimp, nicknamed ‘Pal’ who was confiscated from smugglers by their son-in-law who was a game ranger at the time. The Siddles quickly earned a reputation as being chimp rescuers.

1988   Chimfunshi becomes home to 19 chimpanzees. The first bush walk with staff and chimps took place.

1989   First enclosure built (7 acre walled enclosure)

1995   Chimfunshi receives the Jane Goodall Award.

1998   Neighbouring farm purchased for project area

2000  First 500 acre enclosure built for chimp release at project area

2000  Chimfunshi receives the United Nations Environment Programme’s Global 500 Award and a special commendation from the Nedbank / Mail & Guardian Green Trust Awards

2001   Siddles granted MBEs by Queen Elizabeth II in a ceremony at Buckingham Palace

2002   Education Centre built to teach the youth of Zambia about ecology and wildlife conservation

2003   Sheila Siddle publishes here biography, In My Family Tree, co-written by Doug Cress (foreword by Jane Goodall)

2006   Last of the 4 big enclosures completed at project area

2006   Project area handed over to newly formed Chimfunshi Trust to manage. Siddles retain ownership of orphanage area.

2008   Neighbouring cattle ranch bought by Stephan Louis – Chimfunshi Trust board member – to grow food for chimpanzees

2012   African Impact project team arrive and volunteers first arrive

2013   African Impact’s volunteer project at Chimfunshi wins GoAbroad Award for Innovative New Program

2014   Today Chimfunshi is home and refuge to over 130 chimpanzees

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