Unexpected Enthusiasm – Wildlife Photography & Conservation


Unexpected Enthusiasm From a Wildlife Photographer Volunteer! Our Wildlife Photography & Conservation Project in the Greater Kruger Area provides the unique opportunity to witness the iconic African Big 5, while developing valuable skills in capturing their beauty through the lens. However, it’s not just the Big 5 that provide exceptional photographic opportunities; as volunteer, Fredy experienced while on project! The Dream Destination […]

The Volunteer Trip That Opened My Eyes


Thomas, a volunteer in South Africa, shares how his experience in Africa opened his eyes to the world and helped him realize why volunteering is important.

My Experience on the Predator Research Internship, South Africa


Jurre Maaskant joined our team in the Greater Kruger Area on our Predator Research Internship. Being fresh out of highschool, Jurre was apprehensive about interning abroad, but found his feet soon enough and has made a big impact on Cheetah reintroduction studies.