Reaching the Sustainable Development Goals in Tanzania

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) were launched in 2015, when the United Nations came together to decide upon 17 goals that aim to end extreme poverty. They were designed to continue on from the success of the Millennium Development Goals (in place from 2000-2015), and while lots of progress had been made, there was still plenty of work left to do.

How are the Sustainable Development Goals Reached in Moshi, Tanzania?

The SDG’s affect us all and as global citizens, we have a responsibility to raise awareness about – and take-action towards – reaching them. At African Impact’s project base in Moshi, Tanzania, the SDG’s are at the heart of everything we do, ensuring the work we do is sustainable and helping to empower people in the local community.

Here is a snap shot of some of the goals we tackle:

Goal 2 – Zero Hunger

At the local Lagoni Old Peoples Home, we have created a garden in partnership with the residents, with help with donations from The African Impact Foundation (an amazing organisation that you should check out) and energy of our volunteers.  Residents maintain the garden and produce including Spinach, Okra and Cabbage are harvested and used in meals at the home.

Goal 3- Health And Well Being

Every week we support social enterprise WAKIPA, 13 independent rural women who are widowed or from hard economic backgrounds. Originally created with the support and guidance of our volunteers and Staff in 2012, they are now self-sufficient making and selling items like bunting, bags necklaces. Whilst also hosting their delicious traditional Tanzanian meal at one of the lady’s home.  Volunteers also run sessions relating to health and nutrition with the ladies, so they have the skills to be peer educators in their communities

This is just a snap shot of some of the amazing actions volunteers take in Moshi towards tackling the SDG’s, amongst many more. Never underestimate the actions one person can have. The SDG’s are truly a global responsibility, in which you also can play your part!

Goal 4 – Quality Education

In 2016, 2100 hours of quality free education were taught to students of wide range of ages and walks of life in the local community. Every week 3 English and 3 Maasai Literacy classes are taught completely free. In Moshi, there is large tourist industry so having the chance to learn English, greatly increases people chances of employment.In 2017 alone, over 350 secondary school students have taken part in our Girl Impact Project workshops. These focus on a range of gender equality and youth empowerment topics that have been identified through youth focused research in the local area. This means issues volunteers tackle are truly addressing challenges in the local community!

Goal 8 – Decent Work And Economic Growth

In Moshi, tourism is one of biggest employment opportunities. In 2015, we trained local community members to form 6 Rafiki Walking Tours, a group offering tours in their local village Msaranga and Moshi town. Two years on the group are going strong and are currently in the middle of a business development course with volunteers on our Tourism Project as they develop and expand. The skills and opportunities gained from African Impact has meant they have become self-sufficient and developed massively as individuals.

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