Zambia: A Country Struggling to Survive or One of the Most Stable Nations in Africa?

Unfortunately, it is one of many countries around the world that are suffering because of changing weather patterns.

The dry weather has had an enormous impact on agriculture and the lives and livelihoods of millions of people across the country, but despite the harsh circumstances, Zambia is still one of the most stable, safest, and welcoming countries in Africa.

Zambia is famous for its friendly people, unfenced national parks, walking safaris, riverboat cruises, and Victoria Falls – one of the natural wonders of the world. It is situated in the heart of the African continent and is often called “the real Africa”.

The revenue generated by international visitors has helped create a flourishing tourism sector that is injecting millions of dollars into the economy and creating thousands of much-needed jobs for locals.

“Currently the fastest-growing economic sector in the country – contributing US$1,8 billion last year – travel and tourism is a national priority for growth,” says Betty Mumba Chabala, Communications and Corporate Affairs Manager for the Zambia Tourism Agency.

“The outlook for Zambian tourism is very positive, having hit the one-million mark in tourist arrivals in 2017,” she says. “The 2018 statistics opened with renewed energy with higher than projected international arrivals. International tourists grew by 7%.”

Victoria Falls is the main drawcard for many visitors to Zambia.

With the changing weather and threat of famine on the horizon, countries like Zambia – that benefit from international visitors – need the boost now more than ever before if they are to remain stable nations and get through the dry season.

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