Siana the African Crowned Eagle

A few weeks ago the African Impact Mara Volunteer Project helped rescue an African Crowned Eagle close to Naboisho Conservancy. She was badly hurt with two broken wings and was most likely injured by a person after killing a goat or sheep. The African Impact staff and volunteers have named this eagle Siana and have transferred her into the caring hands of the Kenya Bird of Prey Trust.

African Crowned Eagles are one of the largest and most powerful eagle species in Africa and are just as impressive to watch in flight and at rest. Unfortunately, they are in dangerous decline across their range and there are only ~250 breeding pairs left in Kenya. That’s half the number of lions left in Kenya!

As Siana is unlikely to ever fly again, The Kenya Bird of Prey Trust is hoping to mate her in captivity and release her offspring back into the wild. In order to do this they need to build her an aviary the size of a small house. This aviary will need to be complete with nest trees and must be fully proofed for a very large and powerful eagle that can jump and glide huge distances. Simon Thomsett (East Africa’s leading raptor expert) has priced this aviary at about $5500 US. 

In order to raise the funds for this vital initiative to succeed, the project staff have set up a personal fundraising page for Siana and would love to spread it far and wide to receive as many donations as possible:

On this site anyone can donate directly towards Siana. Siana, and the rest of the African Crowned Eagle species, need your help. Please, if you can, donate any amount you are able to. Even a small amount will make an enormous contribution.

Please share this with your family and friends, and let’s see if we can get the aviary built so that we can allow Siana to mate and release her offspring into the wild.

We thank you in advance!


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