Meet the Team: Head Office’s Marketing Intern, Jessica

Jess, from the USA, has just joined us in African Impact’s Cape Town Head Office as our shiny new Marketing and Social Media Intern for the next 3 months (woop!). Of course, we wanted to drop her in the deep-end, so we asked her to give us a little brief about herself, why she chose to come and join an internship with us and what she hopes to gain from this awesome experience!

“I graduated college in 2014, where I then went on to work for the past two years. I was doing mostly administrative work, although my degree was in Communications and Marketing and I knew I wanted something more fulfilling and focused in what I had studied and am passionate about, so I began looking for other options.

I also had been contemplating a backpacking trip for a long time and although I felt guilty about leaving my job and responsibilities to travel the world, it was something I could’t let go of.

I decided if I were going to quit my full time job and travel, I needed to do something that would strengthen my skill set and further my career as well, so I began looking at internships abroad and came across African Impact. I found Africa fascinating, loved reading about the work African Impact are doing there and in particular, I felt like Cape Town had it all: culture, beaches, mountains, etc.

My first couple of days as an intern, I’ve been trying to get accustomed to my new town and and observe how the locals live. My favorite part so far would be having the beach a short 5 minute walk away from my apartment. I have a long list of sights and activities I’d like to experience in the next 3 months, but my top few would have to be hiking Table Mountain, shark cage diving, and visiting Robben Island.

As far as my internship, I’m excited to get the hands-on experience I felt I was lacking in my previous job, meet new people and see how the projects African Impact have put into place help the local communities and wildlife.

When I finish my internship with African Impact, I will be backpacking Thailand for 3-weeks before looking for a job that allows me to use the marketing and social media skills I will have enhanced, creativity, my love for travel and helping people.”

We’re excited to have you join the team, Jess!



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