Exploring the Marangu Waterfalls in Tanzania

I come from Spain, from a very green and beautiful region called “Asturias”, in the north. Despite the rainy weather, I love being outdoors and getting lost in the nature as much as I can. So, one of the first things that caught my attention when I arrived to volunteer in Tanzania with African Impact was the vegetation and the landscape surrounding me. One amazing thing about Tanzania is the intensity of the colours:  the plants and vegetation are bright green, the earth is pure brown, and the sky is intensely blue; being out in nature is a pleasure for the eyes!

The best opportunity I got to enjoy it in its fullness was during the excursion to the Marangu Waterfalls with my project coordinators on a sunny Saturday. The trip started with our nice and joyful guide arriving late to pick us up, which is something you have to learn in Africa (what I call “the African pace”, which means “no rush”, and it’s kind of relaxing once you get used to it!). We drove for a while before we were left to walk some narrow paths amongst all kinds of trees and plants: we saw coffee plants, banana plants, avocados, wild berries, pumpkins… All there, in the wilderness, in small paths that led us to open hills with incredible views. It was quite nice to be walking under the shadow of the trees as it was sunny and warm when we got to the clears!

Before going to the waterfalls, our first stop was the Chagga and Maasai Museum. How interesting it was! We learned the history behind the tunnels built by the Chagga tribes to hide and protect themselves from the Maasai attacks. We also saw a traditional Chagga house and learned some traditions and curiosities about them. The visit was entertaining and very interesting, something you don’t expect to find in the middle of the wilderness for sure!

To get to the waterfalls we had to go down some stone steps. Again, I was stopping every two steps to admire the views. It was absolutely stunning under the sunlight that we were enjoying. It was like being in a different place, away from everything, it was fantastic. Our super guide took good care of us and made sure we went down safely to enjoy the small lake where people had a refreshing bath before lying on the sun and enjoying the quietness of the place.

After that, we definitely needed a proper Tanzanian meal and some coffee, so off we went to eat some beans, veggies, beef, ugali and lentils, accompanied by a delicious and refreshing mango and passion fruit juice that made us the happiest people on earth!! After we had roasted the coffee with our own hands, we enjoyed a nice cuppa as a price for our hard work. That’s what I call a perfect Tanzanian experience!

Teresa is currently volunteering on our Education Project in the town of Moshi, Tanzania. If you’re interested in finding out more about how you can travel responsibly and volunteer overseas in Tanzania, check out our available programs:

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