TEFL Internship Programs in Africa

Become TEFL certified and open doors to a travel teaching career in over 50 countries worldwide! Joining a TEFL internship with African Impact is an incredible way to pursue your English teaching goals while having an immersive and adventurous African travel experience.

Highlights of our TEFL Internship programs in Africa:

  • Complete the final requirement to become qualified to Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), undertaking 38 hours of practical teaching across two weeks (longer stays are possible)
  • Apply learned teaching principles to real-life situations
  • Build confidence in your teaching skills through teaching children aged 9 – 16, as well as adults
  • Obtain exposure to varied classroom situations and diverse learning and cultural contexts
  • Support communities in either Livingstone or Zanzibar, while gaining valuable teaching experience

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African Impact's Top Rated Online and Practical TEFL Programs in Africa

TEFL Online Course


Become internationally accredited to Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and open the door to travel and work opportunities around the world. Complete the online TEFL course and then join us at one of three locations in Africa to gain hands-on teaching experience.



Impact: Teaching

TEFL Teaching Internship In Zanzibar

$3390 – $6390
Join us in Zanzibar to do your TEFL practicum and complete your qualification. As a TEFL student in Zanzibar, you will contribute towards community development by providing opportunities, support, and one-on-one attention that otherwise wouldn’t exist for the communities we work with.


Every second Monday

Impact: Teaching

TEFL Teaching Internship In Zambia

$2690 – $5690
Complete your TEFL qualification by doing your 20 hours practicum in Zambia. As a student in Livingstone, you will contribute towards community development initiatives by providing opportunities, support, and one-on-one attention that otherwise wouldn’t exist for the communities we work with.

Livingstone, Zambia 

Every Monday

Impact: Teaching

Frequently asked questions about our TEFL Internships in Africa

Across Africa, there is a great need for teaching support in schools. Many schools in Sub-Saharan Africa struggle with under-funding from governments and a shortage of teaching staff. As a result, there can be upwards of 40 students to one teacher in a single classroom. With this disproportionate ratio of teachers to students, many children in Africa – at no fault of the incredible teachers who work in these schools – do not receive the one-on-one attention they need to thrive academically.

Additionally, English literacy is quickly becoming an essential skill for employment in the African tourism sector. Many locals are eager to develop their English-speaking abilities to increase their employability in this income-generating industry and support personal economic development. However, with a lack of formal classroom environments and qualified teachers, achieving this goal is often challenging.

When you join us for a TEFL Internship, you’ll not only complete the requirements to become TEFL certified, but you’ll make sustainable impacts on a local community while doing so! Teaching English in various environments, from primary schools to English literacy classes for adults, you’ll support locals in improving their English speaking abilities and empower them to follow their dreams. While staying in a local community with fellow travellers, there will be endless opportunities to have incredible adventures and build meaningful relationships with volunteers and locals alike. If you are looking to gain your TEFL certification, joining us on one of our TEFL internships is the ultimate teaching adventure!

TEFL Internship Program Fees

Our TEFL Internships start at $2240. This cost includes your official online TEFL course, as well as your two-week practicum in Africa. Additionally, these costs cover your accommodation, meals, 24/7 African Impact in-country support, and mentorship throughout your internship placement. If you wish to extend your stay in Africa as a TEFL teacher, these fees will increase slightly with each extra week you add to your adventure.

African Impact Sustainability Fund

Additionally, as a commitment to sustainable development in local African communities, all interns pay an additional $25 donation towards the African Impact Sustainability Fund. This donation goes directly to the African Impact Foundation, which independently ensures our projects’ sustainability when volunteers and interns leave their placements. Learn more about the African Impact Sustainability Fund.

Requirements to register for a TEFL internship

We’ve partnered with TEFL to directly provide the official online TEFL course to our interns before beginning their internship with us! We include the online course in your program fees with us, and you’ll receive access to the materials once we finalize your application. To join the online TEFL course, you must have a minimum of a High School Diploma or GED, fluent and proficient English skills, and an ability to complete a part-time university-level course and overseas practicum.

What to expect in the online TEFL course

The TEFL online course consists of 150 hours of course readings, peer participation, essays, and tasks that’ll develop you into a confident and thriving English teacher! Taught by a highly qualified university professor in a class of no more than 20 students, course work will cover teaching methodology, lesson planning and proper classroom management. This course typically takes 11 weeks to complete, over a part-time schedule with about 10-15 hours of work each week. Once you’ve successfully passed the online course, you’ll be ready to take the next step and join us in Africa for your exciting teaching practicum!

Absolutely! The minimum educational requirement to register for one of our TEFL internships is a High School Diploma or GED. If you have any questions about qualifications for our TEFL Internships, please contact us!

As a TEFL intern with us in Africa, you’ll fulfill your teaching practicum requirements in various unique schooling environments. These impact-driven placements will give you invaluable experience teaching English abroad while contributing to local communities’ sustainable development goals. Here are a few of the teaching projects you can look forward to working on during your TEFL internship.

Teaching English in Schools

As a TEFL intern, one of your major practicum placements will be supporting teachers in local schools. Working with kids of all ages, you’ll assist local teachers by providing one-on-one support to children who may be falling behind in class. Working individually with these students, you’ll review class concepts slower, helping kids develop a strong understanding of fundamental concepts. This work is not only an invaluable teaching experience for you but can positively change the educational direction of a young student struggling in class. You’ll additionally assist in lesson planning and leading engaging learning activities with students!

Teaching English in Adult Literacy Classes

During your TEFL teacher training, you’ll also have exciting opportunities to teach English to adult students. By teaching English to keen adult students, you’ll empower them to pursue English literacy with confidence, and in turn, support their ability to find meaningful employment! Each of our TEFL internship programs offers unique opportunities to gain teaching experience in various adult settings, including women’s groups, community classes, and even Maasai warrior literacy programs.

Community Uplift

Beyond your TEFL training, there’ll be rewarding opportunities to volunteer in community uplift projects throughout your internship. Regularly supporting community projects wherever help is needed, these projects are incredible opportunities for volunteers, interns, and locals to learn from each other and achieve a common goal! In the past, our interns have assisted in beach-cleanups, distributing food to community members, and working in seniors’ homes, along with a wide variety of other community-led projects.

We’ve partnered directly with TEFL to offer the perfect blend of online coursework and rewarding local placements for our interns. These high-impact TEFL internships offer transformative opportunities to gain your official TEFL certification while making real, sustainable impacts on a local community.

As an African-based company, we live and breathe incredible volunteer and intern abroad experiences. Throughout your TEFL internship, we’ll take you into the heart of some of Africa’s most stunning environments and beautiful local communities, where opportunities for impact lie around every corner. While you’re teaching English, these TEFL internships are an incredible way to participate in meaningful cultural exchanges with locals, where you’ll become a student of their inspirational ways of living. You’ll walk away from your internship more open-minded, inclusive and with your TEFL certification under your belt!

Currently, we offer our TEFL internships in the following two countries. Click each link to explore the unique experiences you can have on each TEFL intern adventure!


As an African-based company, we live and breathe incredible internships in Africa. We take our interns’ safety and comfort throughout their internship seriously. We carefully design each of our TEFL internships to ensure interns are safe at their placements.

Visit the Safety Tips page to learn more about our safety protocols. If you have any additional questions, contact us for more information.

Volunteer Reviews of our TEFL Internships
“My experience in this program was undeniably the greatest thing I have done in my life! The people I met were amazing, kind, helpful, and allowed me to have an unforgettable experience in Zambia. You immediately feel like part of the family when you start, and it only gets better the longer you stay!”

Kelley Elise Costa, USA

TEFL, Zambia

“Very good experience overall. A lot of assistance pre-departure and on field. Even if you stay only for a short period you can feel this organization is really making an impact in the local community.”

RI, Italy

TEFL, Zambia

“I have just got back from the best month of my life, and that is not an exaggeration! At first, I was thinking of only spending 2 weeks in Jambiani, but I am SO glad I booked 4 weeks instead. Jambiani is absolutely beautiful and everyone is SO friendly and SO genuine. After a month of life literally ON the beach, you really get to know the people, (both the adults and the children) and the village as though it is home. It is so strange returning to the western world; I don’t know what to do with myself. Not once did I feel unsafe, unhappy or bored, it was paradise and the trip of a lifetime. Thank you so much African Impact!”

Hannah Cheater, UK

TEFL, Zanzibar

“My experience here in Zanzibar has been hard work on the land, eco-bricking and a lot of teaching and prepping, but I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute of it. You go through everything here with other volunteers, which allows to make friends from all over the world. But the best part of this, are the local people you meet. Everybody is extremely welcoming; you can’t go around the village without being greeted and welcomed. The people here are so nice, you feel right at home!”

Nora Daoudi, Belgium

TEFL, Zanzibar

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