Photography Internships

Eager to join a wildlife photography internship in Africa? Here’s everything you need to know!

Why do a photography internship in Africa?

Looking for an opportunity to enhance and develop your wildlife photography skills in Africa’s stunning parks? Join one of our Wildlife Photography internships!

Developing your photography skills

These internships are the photographic adventure of a lifetime. You’ll journey on regular game drives in the heart of the African bush to practice photography on Africa’s remarkable wildlife. Regularly encountering iconic African animals like lions, elephants, zebras, and lesser-spotted creatures like leopards and wild dogs, the photographic opportunities on these internships are endless. Throughout your photography internship, you’ll work with a professional wildlife photographer who will train your eye and help you develop an incredible portfolio of images!

Making an impact

The benefits of this photography internship go far beyond your development as a photographer, however. Adding a selection of your images to international environmental databases, you’ll support the long-term conservation of wildlife in Africa’s parks. NGOs and reserves use these databases to support conservation education, research and fundraising, meaning impacts will continue long after your rewarding internship ends!

How much does it cost?

Program Fees

Our photography internships start at £3295 for eight weeks and increase depending on your placement length. These costs cover your accommodation, meals, airport transportation, full-time support from African Impact staff and extensive mentorship from a professional wildlife photographer.

African Impact Sustainability Fund

Additionally, as a commitment to sustainable development in local African communities, all interns pay an additional £20 donation towards the African Impact Sustainability Fund. This donation goes directly to the African Impact Foundation, which independently ensures our projects’ sustainability long after volunteers and interns leave their placements. If you are interested in learning more about the African Impact Sustainability Fund, click here!

What are the requirements for a photography internship in Africa?

Our wildlife photography internships welcome photographers of all levels – from eager beginners to seasoned pros!

Full-Time Intern Support

You’ll receive full support and training from a professional wildlife photographer, who will help you refine your skills and take your photography to the next level, regardless of previous experience. By participating in developmental workshops and game drives, there are endless opportunities to gain theoretical and practical knowledge in ethical wildlife photography techniques throughout your internship.

Digital Photography Equipment

Regarding equipment, we ask that photographers come with an SLR camera and laptop for post-production editing, as we do not cover these in our program fees. Additionally, all interns on African Impact projects must complete a criminal records check before arriving in Africa for their placement. This policy is firm and deeply ingrained in our stance on Responsible Volunteering, which you learn more about by clicking here.

Can you find photography internships in Africa without a degree?

Absolutely! We do not require interns to have a university degree or certification in wildlife photography. More important than experience or education, we ask that all photography interns come with a passion for wildlife photography, enthusiasm towards learning, and ready to have an incredible adventure!

What types of projects will I work on as a photography intern?

Field Experience

As a photography intern, you’ll venture into the heart of the African bush at the best times of day, where extraordinary photographic opportunities lie around every corner. During your time as a photography intern, your classroom will be the incredible Greater Kruger Area – a sprawling expanse of 20 private game reserves that share a fenceless border with the famous Kruger National Park.

Here, you’ll spend your days out on the field with fellow photography interns practicing essential wildlife photography techniques on some of Africa’s most incredible animals. After exciting days training your photography skills in Kruger, we always leave plenty of time in the evenings to kick back at our volunteer accommodations and practice photo editing techniques on your incredible images.

Theoretical and Practical Learning

Additionally, you’ll participate in workshops to explore critical theoretical techniques in wildlife photography. Exploring topics like ethical wildlife photography, pre-visualization, and post-production editing, you’ll walk away from your photography internship with an extensive range of new knowledge and skills in this exciting specialty.

Making an Impact

Opportunities for impact on these internships are exciting and highly varied! During your time as a photography intern, you’ll contribute a selection of your images to environmental databases used for protecting, promoting and preserving conservation efforts in African parks. Additionally, there’ll be opportunities to get your hands dirty in physical conservation work with fellow African Impact volunteers in the area. Living in the expansive Greater Kruger Area, there are endless opportunities for conservation and photographic adventures!

Where can I find vetted photography internships in Africa?

At African Impact, our mission is to provide the best volunteer and intern abroad experiences that create sustainable, long-term impacts for local communities. To us, this means putting your development as a photographer and your positive contribution to conservation efforts first!

These photography internships are the ultimate adventure for developing your photography skills. Aside from taking you into the heart of some of Africa’s most photogenic areas, we are passionate about providing all the support you’ll need to thrive in your placement.

Additional to your professional wildlife photographer who will help refine your skills, you’ll work closely with a personal development coach who will help you reach your personal and professional goals. Whether you are passionate about pursuing wildlife photography as a career or are simply looking to develop your skills, these resources are devoted to helping you achieve your goals during your internship and beyond!

Is it safe to intern in photography in Africa?


As an African-based company, we live and breathe incredible internships in Africa. We take our interns’ safety and comfort throughout their internship seriously. We carefully design each of our photography internships to ensure everyone is safe at their placements.

To learn more about our safety protocols, please visit our Safety Tips. If you have any additional questions, we would be glad to answer them! You can contact us with any further questions that you may have.



Join us in the Greater Kruger Area in South Africa, and be guided by a professional wildlife photographer and other budding photographers on this internship to gain practical experience in wildlife and other genre-specific photography.
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