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    Our Into the Wild Gap Year programme in the Greater Kruger Area in Africa is an experience like no other. The Greater Kruger Area provides the perfect environment for you to explore your purpose in life whilst broadening your horizons through cultural and impactful experiences.

    Greater Kruger Area, South Africa
    Impact: Wildlife Conservation

Gap Year

Gap Year Programs in Africa

Looking to take a gap year and explore in Africa. Why not consider a gap year program with African Impact?

Taking a gap year is a great idea. It’s an opportunity to gain perspective on your values and goals, to explore your strengths, and to grow in confidence and adaptability. Moreover, research shows that people who take a gap year before going to university end up performing better academically and finding a more fulfilling career. So plenty of reasons to get off the academic treadmill for a year, and have a purposeful adventure.

African Impact offers the opportunity to spend time in the African bush in the Greater Kruger Area. We believe there’s no better place for your journey of self-discovery than the African bush. Based in South Africa’s Greater Kruger Area, we offer a 12-week gap year program that combines experiential learning, self-discovery, and skill development. You’ll learn about wildlife conservation, African cultures, and social development work. You’ll gain survival skills, learn about advocacy, and support grassroots causes. More importantly, you’ll grow in confidence, self-awareness, and flexibility.