Study Abroad Programs in Africa

With fifteen years of operating award-winning volunteer programs and experiential internships on the ground in Africa, blending our measurable impacts and leveraging our community partnerships with academia was the natural progression leading African Impact to become the expert provider when it comes to Action Learning in Africa.

Action Learning in Africa takes the classroom to the communities and conservation projects where students and faculty can directly apply their theoretical knowledge, whilst making progressive change in Africa; transforming students into global citizens equipped to meet the demands of tomorrow.

tree-planting in Africa


medical and healthcare intern mentored by a dedicated medical professional
local community partner with school children in Africa
service learning by teaching teenagers in Africa
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Our Faculty-led programs offer an engaging and valuable experience for both students and faculty members, gaining a deeper appreciation for the foundations of their chosen academia.

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Give students the opportunity to gain life-changing experience by taking them beyond the classroom. Explore Africa and its local history, different cultures, natural environments, and global issues. Each of our School programs are customized to suit your unique requirements.

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Opportunities for groups or individuals to join us at any of our service sites and provide meaningful impact and receive contextual knowledge to apply to their academic studies.


  • Our programs are offered in over 10 countries throughout Africa – all of which include fully-equipped accommodation, international and local staff on site providing 24/7 support, transportation, and cultural excursions and field trips


  • With a unique customizable approach, we can tailor-make Study Abroad projects to have the right mix of Action Learning and continental impact with that of the university’s academic objectives
  • African Impact empowers students to better understand the developing world, make an impact, and transform their perspective and make them globally competitive; which is beyond what academia alone can do