One of our past volunteers on our Masai Mara Wildlife Research and Conservation project gives us a great insight into their wilderness experience. The project is located within the core of the Mara Naboisho Conservancy, in the heart of the Masai Mara eco system just north of the National Reserve, where roaring lions and wildlife sightings are a daily occurrence.

 Earlier in the week, we finally got the spotlight fixed, and nature gave us back a well deserved reward for the long wait. Driving under the beautiful African night sky in search for nocturnal creatures is very special and every bit of it is filled great expectations. In the middle of our evening big cat monitoring drive during the week in the darkness of Naboisho, I started shouting “eyes eyes” and again “eyes eyes”, as I steadily held the red spot light pointing at one particular spot. The vehicle came to a halt and there it was – truly a cat showing all its magnificence in the dark; a serval. It was the first of its kind the three of us (volunteers) were seeing and we were quite excited. The serval posed for us for a few second and then elegantly walked away a few meters from the vehicle. It was a special treat for the evening and we all returned to camp very happy for a well deserved hot dinner. Another first for our group of volunteers…

As if that was not enough, much more was to come in the days that followed …
“Hurry up guys!!” Lincoln shouted loud at 6 o’clock in the morning “we need to pick up from where we left last night”. We had just found the big pride of lions the previous day on our way back from evening big monitoring.

The night before we were seated in our open safari vehicle in complete darkness not far from the camp, that only under the spotlight we realized we were surrounded by lions. The roar in the dark of the three adult females of the Enesikiria Pride was so loud that it felt like watching a documentary in dolby-surround in the living room. The privilege of being the only one vehicle was priceless.

In the morning, we got there even before the sun rose and we watched six lion cubs playing with a sub-adult female that it felt like they wanted to carry on the show the darkness of the previous night did not allow us to witness. Soon thereafter we proceeded with other activities for the day in this wonderland. It was indeed a perfect start to yet another adventurous day in Naboisho.


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