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    From £1,545

    Live on the sun-drenched Curieuse Island in the Seychelles and spend your days in the forests, on the beaches, and snorkeling in the warm Indian Ocean waters, conducting valuable research on tropical […]

    Curieuse Island, Seychelles
    Every second Saturday
    Impact: Marine Conservation

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    Travel to the crystal–clear waters of the Seychelles in the warm Indian Ocean and contribute towards various conservation-related surveys aimed at […]

    Mahe, Seychelles
    Every second Saturday
    Impact: Marine Conservation


Volunteer in Seychelles

Eager to start your Seychelles volunteer adventure with us? Here’s everything you need to know about volunteering in this island paradise.

Where can I volunteer in Seychelles?

When one thinks of a tropical paradise, pictures of Seychelles might come to mind. Home to an incredible array of rare wildlife, lush tropical forests, and some of the world’s best beaches, it’s not difficult to understand the allure of journeying to this unique island archipelago.

Immersed in beautiful island communities on the edge of Seychelles’ iconic beaches, joining one of our volunteer programs in Seychelles is the ultimate marine conservation adventure. Our Seychelles volunteer projects work primarily on two unique islands – Mahé and Curieuse Island.

Mahé, Seychelles

Rich in Creole culture and lively communities, Mahé is the most populated island in Seychelles. Don’t let that fool you, though. While Mahé may be where most locals call home, this island is home to miles of untouched white sand beaches, lush rainforests, and incredible displays of nature around every corner. With the perfect balance of welcoming communities and natural areas to get lost in, spending time in Mahé offers something for every kind of adventurous traveller.

Journey into Victoria, Seychelles’s vibrant capital city, known as one of the world’s smallest capital cities. What Victoria may lack in population, it certainly does not lack in culture. Celebrating a blend of Creole, African, Western, Indian, Arab, and Chinese heritage, the city boasts an incredible amount of activities that allow one to experience this island’s distinct culture. Visit a local music venue to dance to the fantastic sounds of Seggae, a distinguished blend of Séga and Reggae music that is popular among locals. Or, visit Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clark Market, a colourful outdoor market that’s lavish in locally produced spices, seafood, vegetables, and stunning handmade goods.

However, a trip to Mahé is not complete without taking advantage of all the incredible opportunities to explore this island’s unique natural areas. Renowned for its stunning coral reefs, marine life, even ancient shipwrecks, snorkelling or scuba diving is a must for any traveller on the island. For those looking to explore Mahé by land, consider a trip to the Morne Seychellois National Park, a protected wildlife area filled with luscious forest, rolling green hills, and some of the rarest species of birds, insects, and flora in the world.

Curieuse Island, Seychelles

Looking for a truly remote Seychelles volunteer experience? Join us on the tropical island of Curieuse! A place where giant tortoises outnumber the population of locals, Curieuse is home to some of the rarest marine and island life on the planet. Less populated than the main island of Mahé, Curieuse promises any travellers that arrive on its shores endless opportunities for exploration.

To experience Curieuse Island’s incredible marine life, visit Baie Lararie or Anse José. These two iconic snorkel spots allow travellers to immerse themselves in the characteristically warm waters and stunning reefs of the Indian Ocean. A few kilometres off the coast of Curieuse, visiting Praslin – one of the largest islands in Seychelles – is a must for any volunteers in the area. While here, explore the Valleé de Mai nature reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its timeless natural beauty. Essentially unchanged since prehistoric time, this protected area captivates visitors with its fascinating flora and fauna. Spending time in Praslin and Curieuse offers volunteers the opportunity of a lifetime to explore the remote, untamed, and simply stunning tropical paradise of Seychelles.

Do you get paid to volunteer in Seychelles?

At African Impact, our mission is to provide the best international volunteer programs in Africa that create real, sustainable impacts on the local communities. While our volunteer projects may be unpaid, we absolutely believe they are a life-changing experience for volunteers and locals alike!

As an African-based company, we know first hand the incredible adventures available on our stunning continent. We live and breathe all things African travel and are passionate about immersing volunteers in the heart of some of Africa’s most incredible natural environments and communities. Developing meaningful relationships with locals, learning about unique African cultures, and exploring breath-taking natural wonders, you’ll experience the true spirit of Africa and the people, places, and wildlife that make it so extraordinary.

To us, epic adventures and sustainable impacts go hand-in-hand. We firmly believe in the power of responsible volunteering to positively transform the lives of volunteers and local communities alike. Developing our projects with local community stakeholders means that everything we do is measured, designed, and implemented with the local community’s goals in mind. As a volunteer joining one of our volunteer projects, your work will not only be a life-changing experience for you but make actual, sustainable impacts on the lives of the locals long after you have returned home.

This combination of incredible adventures, responsible impacts, and cultural immersion allows us to go beyond the conventional understanding of “volunteering abroad” and offer innovative African volunteer travel experiences that – while unpaid – can truly transform lives!

How will you be helping by volunteering in Seychelles?

World-renowned for its rare species, sustainable conservation efforts across Seychelles are vital to preserving this country’s unique wildlife. As a volunteer in this tropical paradise, you’ll participate in exciting and innovative projects that protect the endangered species that call Seychelles home. Seychelles volunteers have the option to choose from two incredible conservation projects: Marine Conservation or Island Conservation!

Marine Conservation

Keen to make an impact in protecting Seychelle’s world-renowned marine ecosystems? Join our marine conservation volunteer program in Mahé! You’ll spend your days exploring the Indian Ocean, conducting valuable research on the biodiversity of local sea life. Focusing on a specific species of fish or coral, your volunteer work on this project will be filled with exciting research dives that take you into Seychelles’ iconically vibrant reefs. Participants on this project will have opportunities to gain their PADI certification and train their sea legs before research begins, ensuring every volunteer can engage in this exciting marine conservation adventure, regardless of previous scuba experience! In addition to conservation work, volunteers on this project will have opportunities to get involved in community engagement projects, combining sustainable development with marine conservation for the ultimate Seychelles volunteer adventure.

Island Conservation

Rather explore Seychelles by land? Join our research team on the idyllic island of Curieuse for our island conservation project! Home to notable species such as the critically endangered Hawksbill turtle, the native Giant Tortoise, and the rare Coco de Mar tree, your volunteer work on this exciting project will be critical to protecting the beautiful species of Curieuse. Conducting essential research on the health, behaviour and populations of local wildlife, you’ll help the Seychelles government and local NGOs preserve this fascinating island ecosystem in tangible, measurable ways. Immersed in the heart of a true tropical paradise, joining our island conservation volunteer program is the perfect balance of adventure, relaxation, and sustainable impact.

How much does it cost to volunteer in Seychelles?

Our Seychelles volunteer programs start at $2,150 and increase depending on which project you join and how long you volunteer with us. These costs cover your volunteer accommodation, meals, 24/7 in-country support, project and airport transportation, project orientation, and any project equipment volunteers may need.

African Impact Sustainability Fund

As a commitment to sustainable development in the communities we work in, all volunteers pay an additional $25 to the African Impact Sustainability Fund. This money goes directly to the African Impact Foundation, which independently ensures the sustainability of our projects in local communities and guarantees impacts continue long after volunteers leave. If you have additional questions about this donation, you can visit our page on the Sustainability Fund here.

Health and Safety of Volunteers in Seychelles?

Established in 2004, providing high-quality volunteer experiences in Africa has been in our DNA for 16 years. Our volunteers, staff, and local communities’ safety is our top priority and something that is never compromised. From the moment you arrive in Africa to the end of your adventure, we take the utmost care in ensuring your comfort and safety.

To learn more about our health and safety protocols, please visit the following links. If you have additional questions, we would love to answer them. You can click here to contact us, and one of our team members will be in touch with you shortly!

Our Safety Tips in Africa

FAQs on Volunteer Safety

Best Places to Volunteer in Seychelles

Eager to volunteer in Seychelles with us? Check out some of our incredible volunteer opportunities below!

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