Unfortunately water can be a scarce resource in parts of South Africa. The African Impact Foundation play their part in celebrating and supporting World Water Day.

African Impact and our sister charity The African Impact Foundation was approached by Wild Lands, a great conservation organisation working towards recycling, planting trees and conservation whilst creating livelihoods for local people. Together we came up with an event at Senzokuhle, a government funded organisation that runs a feeding programme for orphaned children in the area to get a warm dinner.

This day was so important to us working in Zululand, as South Africa is one of the twelve African countries considered to be in a ‘water crisis’. The huge lack of water is meaning people, especially women and children are having to walk even further than normal to find a safe water source. This is limiting their true potential with so much time wasted and increasing illnesses from water-bourne diseases.

Further to that, African Impact has committed to working towards the United Nation’s Global Goals and World Water Day was a fantastic opportunity to contribute to Goal Number 6: Ensure sustainability and availability of water and sanitation for all.

African Impact and The African Impact Foundation thought it would be important to create a presentation on why we are in a water shortage, what we can do to protect our limited water and why water conservation is so important. This was shown through games, speeches and singing, as well as some information on water sanitation and how we can all protect ourselves from water-bourne diseases.

The children seemed to love the games and really take in the information given. Following on from this, Wild Lands gave a speech giving information on what they do in the community and then went on to plant a tree to signify the day.

Working as a team, all three organisations felt the day was of benefit to everyone who attended and we hope the children will go on to spread the word on their new water awareness and it will have a ripple effect throughout the community.

‘Abby Murphy is our current intern on our NGO Internship with The African Impact Foundation, based in St Lucia, Zululand. To find out more about this internship, use the the search option in the top right corner (magnifying glass icon)