Youp, from the Netherlands, joined us in Cape Town on our Veterinary Assistance and Abused Animal Shelter Project back in March 2016. Here he shares what volunteers get up to and a little bit more about the amazing partner organization that we work with, TEARS

We all love our pets back home and take care of them as if they are part of our own family. Sadly, in South Africa there are still a lot of people who do not treat animals in the loving and caring manner we are used to.

Luckily there are organizations such as TEARS.

The people of TEARS put their heart and soul into providing shelter and care for these animals in need. The animals (mostly cats and dogs) are taken into the animal shelter where they receive food, medical care, social interaction and whatever else they need in order for them to be happy and in such a state that people can adopt them and let them be part of their family.

The best way to be part of this fantastic organization is to volunteer. As a volunteer you will be able to participate and interact with these cats and dogs and be part of their journey to a better life. Duties for the volunteers include: feeding, socializing with the animals, puppy training, beautiful walks on the beach and mountains and much more fun stuff.

It is an experience which you will never forget and you will leave here knowing some dog or cat will be very thankful for the effort you have put in!