Building a future for Children Near Antelope Park

As any volunteer who has joined us knows, nothing feels better than knowing you’ve made a lasting impact during your time with us – whether big, or small. For some, that can simply be the fact that they have contributed to a much larger, on-going change, or in the case of others, they leave something behind that creates instant action.

In the case of Peter Yuen, Mathias Wallner, Pablo Cuevas & Silje Dahle, CJ Johnson and Ryan Woolsey, they not only made a huge impact in the lives of the people they worked with each day, but also left a donation which will drastically improve the lives of children in a rural area of Zimbabwe, near our project-base at Antelope Park.

This building here is a school in the middle of the Zimbabwean bush, named Julena Primary School. Students here were learning in a half-burnt-down, structurally unsafe, dilapidated old farmhouse with very few resources and not enough teachers to adequately serve the 176 children who walk miles to reach here every day.

Having seen the state in which the children learn, an international charity soon begun renovations, however eventually ran out of the money.

The school remains unfinished.

After seeing the school where the rural village children learn, Peter Yuen, Mathias Wallner, Pablo Cuevas & Silje Dahle quickly raised the $1500 needed to finish the school.

Alongside local laborers, our volunteers are now able to help with the manual labor needed to finish the building to get it in a position where it provides a productive and safe learning environment.

From there, we’re delighted to announce that we will then be able to visit the school regularly and offer teaching assistance, training of local teachers, kids clubs, reading clubs, sports activities and so much more as part of our community volunteer project at Antelope Park. This is a huge step in enriching the lives of disadvantaged children and creating a brighter, more prosperous future for them.

A HUGE thank you goes to Peter Yuen, Mathias Wallner, Pablo Cuevas & Silje Dahle for raising the $1500 needed to finish the school, as well as the incredible fundraising efforts of  CJ Johnson and Ryan Woolsey who fundraised $2000 to donate to the community project as a whole before they even arrived at Antelope Park!


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