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Our best volunteer abroad programs on offer

Are you a new or aspiring graduate, or someone considering a shift in your career, or want to acquire new skills, or someone looking for a unique travel experience –  and maybe thinking of volunteering abroad this year? With the recent unfolding of events due to the pandemic which greatly affected the whole world, indeed it’s high time for one to pursue his altruistic desires and unlock the boundless opportunities to do good to Earth and humankind. Seize the moment to help, find your life’s purpose, and the sense of fulfillment. Have a global reach. Volunteer abroad!

Such an enriching experience deserves the best of the best. Vetting and choosing the finest should be a top priority – the best places to volunteer abroad and the best volunteer abroad programs – we have all these essentials covered for you!

As leaders in the volunteer travel industry, African Impact provides the most significant and purposeful volunteer abroad programs across Africa. To help you make a well-informed and responsible choice, we’re sharing the best volunteer abroad programs that you can embark on.

Best Teaching Volunteer Abroad Programs

Teaching and Community Development in Zambia | Teaching and Community Support in Zanzibar

A volunteer touches lives, just like the teachers – who are one of the people able to make a major positive impact on the lives of others. Some of the poor countries in Africa face the problem of lack of education. Pursue a chance to volunteer in Africa and gain an invaluable experience. Teach young children in Zambia and help them get the education they deserve. In Zanzibar, you will have a great opportunity to volunteer to teach English not only to children but also to women’s groups and adults. You’ll be an integral part as the country combats the problem of poor literacy and very low English proficiency level. Your contribution will surely leave a long-lasting impact on their lives as you gain an indispensable experience.

Volunteers get actively involved in setting lessons and then helping deliver the class

Best Wildlife Conservation Volunteer Abroad Programs

African Big 5 and Wildlife Conservation | Big Cat Wildlife Research and Conservation

One way to experience the genuine African safari is to volunteer in Africa! Immerse yourself in everything African and authentic. Meet up-close and study the iconic African Big 5 – Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Buffalo, and Rhinos – and be involved in preserving the incredible wildlife ecosystem with the African Big 5 and Wildlife Conservation program. Or plunge into the African bush and grab the rare opportunity to witness firsthand the amazing diversity of ultimate African wildlife with the Big Cat Wildlife Research and Conservation volunteer program. You’ll be working along with an expert research team and go on safari game drives to study and monitor Africa’s big cats – Cheetahs, Lions, and Leopards. What else could be more awe-inspiring than making an impactful contribution to the conservation efforts of the endangered wildlife species?

Hyena mum and her pups having a lazy morning!

Best Wildlife Rehabilitation Volunteer Abroad Program

Wildlife Rehabilitation: Rescue and Release

Fire up your compassionate heart for the injured, rescued, and lost wildlife. Put that philanthropic side into action as you connect and work along like-minded people to help, rescue, care, and rehabilitate the vulnerable wildlife species in South Africa. Experience the warm fuzzy feeling of joy as you successfully release these creatures back into the wild where they belong, and enjoy the excitement of authentic African safari at the same time.

Look after wild animals and provide hands on care during your volunteer trip to Africa

Best Medical Volunteer Abroad Programs

Medical & Community Development | Hospital and Clinic Support

Whether you’re already in medical school or considering being in one, complement your studies with these medical volunteer projects which will augment your healthcare skill set and also intensify your decision in pursuing a career in the vast medical field. With one small but meaningful step as a volunteer, you get to help those in most need of what you can offer, while you gain real-world & professional experience giving you an edge in your studies and in searching for the best grad school for you. Make a bold impact on the lives of the people in the rural villages of Zambia and Kenya by providing quality healthcare. It’s a volunteer, travel, and human adventure bundled together with lifetime beautiful memories you can take home with you.

Hospital-based Medical Internship in Kenya
Medical volunteer treatment in Africa, Charity work in Africa

Best Marine Conservation Volunteer Abroad Program

Dolphin Research & Marine Conservation

Thinking of making the most of your time reconnecting with nature instead? Plunge and explore the vastness of the ocean and marine life’s sheer diversity in Zanzibar! Contribute to the major impact of marine conservation volunteers and local communities fighting together against the destruction of the marine habitat in this tropical paradise, while supporting the protection of the dolphins and coral reefs. With the picturesque destination and swimming with dolphins, every moment spent feels like an ultimate adventure.

A great white shark breaches the water with it's sharp teeth for all to see!
dolphin monitoring in Zanzibar
Our volunteers monitor dolphin activity to ensure their survival

Best Environmental Conservation Volunteer Abroad Program

Environmental Conservation & Ecobricking 

If volunteering abroad for any cause positively impacts, lengthens lifespan, and improves the quality of life of the volunteer, how more stellar could it be if it also impacts the planet’s ecosystem! Nothing could be more heroic than helping save our planet. Make a meaningful contribution to the environmental conservation movement in Zambia, while increasing your awareness and skill set in ecobricking and other sustainable building initiatives.

Volunteer in environmental conservation awareness in Zambia
Volunteer in environmental conservation awareness in Zambia

Best Gender Equality Volunteer Abroad Program

Girl Empowerment

Most of us, especially those with philanthropic souls, dream of changing the world. However, there are some parts of the world that are still unable to change the problem of gender inequality. Some women still face issues on discrimination, patriarchy, and gender bias. If you have a soft spot for helping and are committed to making a real-change, join African Impact’s initiative on women empowerment. This program allows you to make a crucial impact on the life of the young women and women’s group of local Zambian women – guiding them to equip themselves to be independent, confident,and resilient.

female empowerment volunteer with local Zambian ladies during a workshop
Gender Equality project in Zambia
Gender Equality project in Tanzania

Best Sports Volunteer Abroad Program

Sports & Community Development

Combine your passion for sports, travel, and adventure in this ultimate volunteer abroad project from African Impact. Being a Sports and Community Development volunteer is an extraordinary opportunity to influence and empower school children not only through sports but also in educating them about physical health and life skills. This allows you to have a meaningful impact on how these children discover self-confidence, self-worth, and to develop the right attitude in living within a community. During your free time, you get to explore the numerous amazing destinations in Zambia, especially one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World – Victoria Falls!

Sports Coaching and Development in Cape Town
Sports Coaching and Development in Cape Town

Best Childcare Volunteer Abroad Program

Early Childhood Development

If you are someone who loves kids and passionate about helping others, this is the perfect childcare volunteer program for you. Based in Cape Town, South Africa – one of the most incredible cities in the world – you will work in underprivileged townships helping and teaching children in pre-schools and foster care homes. This allows you to impart your dynamic, positive, and fun-loving personality, and be a great role model to the vulnerable children. You will take home a long-lasting and fulfilling experience with you, which will also enhance and buttress your CV for your career path. After spending meaningful time with the kids, you’ll love your relaxation time in your temporary abode which is a 3-minute away from one of the most popular beaches in Cape Town.

Our volunteers get involved with teaching kids the basics they need to start life
Early Childhood Development volunteer project in Cape Town

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