April Holidays in Zimbabwe Mean Holiday Club Time at Monde Primary School!

The Holiday Club facilitated by staff and volunteers at Monde Primary School just outside the town of Victoria Falls isn’t all about fun and games – it’s a great place for students to come during the break to get extra attention in the classroom.

Holiday Club at the rural school started on a high note, with a group of very enthusiastic learners coming to school every day. With our intern Yana on hand, an average of 11 students in the special needs class have come for holiday lessons – a very exciting development, as the learners don’t just get a chance to participate in fun activities but also receive extra lessons.

“Holiday Club is very important to the kids,” explains Community Coordinator, Norman Moyo,“We focus on English and Maths and we can attend individually to students one-on-one because the kids come in smaller numbers.”

We also have had an average of 15 students from other grades that have been coming through for Holiday Club this month, and it has been fun learning for the energetic students. We have seen a great improvement in the performance of the children that have been attending. In particular, students have improved in their Maths (addition and subtraction) as well as their reading skills.

“There’s great improvement,” says Norman, noting that the participants have improved their addition, subtraction and reading skills over the course of the last few weeks. “The day schools open again these kids at Holiday Club will have obviously learned something.”

Holiday Club has been a great way for us to reach out to all the slow learners and to assist them to become better and to reach the levels of their peers. It has been exciting times for the kids and they look forward to it each time – and we do, too!



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